Dirty December, Day 16 : Dirty Daddy

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[disclaimer:  this story is about consenting adults and role-play, trigger warning for those who have suffered sexual abuse]


I was chatting with my girlfriend, Ruby, yesterday and we were catching up on what was going on in our lives, which have been busy lately. I miss her, she misses me and January seems a long ways away (when our next date is planned).

Also, I miss my babygirl and she misses her Daddy. And so it was that the conversation took this turn…

“Does your bottom miss my hands?  You’re gonna be needing a good, thorough spanking by the time I see you next.”

“Oh, god, yes Daddy, I’ve been a very bad girl. I’ve let other boys touch me.  Down there.”

“I’m going to have to remind you who your Daddy is and what he can do to your slutty body.” I try to communicate the growl that’s gathering below my belly as I considered her sexy body and how much I want to feel every inch of it.

“I’m sorry, Daddy, I get so needy and my special places need to be touched and licked.”  She apologizes but she is not in the least contrite.

“Your slutty little holes need Daddy’s touch, don’t they, sweetheart?”

I can hear the need in her voice, even though I’m only seeing words on a screen.  “Oh yes Daddy. please.  Daddy knows how to touch his little girl.

My clit is throbbing at the thought of it, “Yes I do. I know where and how and how much. And I know that even though your hole is little, Daddy can put his big hard cock into it.”

She responds as expected, as I’d hoped for after a long pause, “Oh no, I’m too small. It’s so tight.”

My eyes have narrowed, I can feel myself getting hard at the thought of her saying that to me, while the tip of my thickest cock is pressing against her wet hole.

“You always say that, babygirl, and you always open up for me.” Stern and demanding, the way she wants me to be for her, the way I want to be for her.

“I can suck your cock Daddy, that would make you feel good.” Oh, I like this tactic but that doesn’t mean it will work the way she’s hoping.

“You will suck my cock, yes you will.”

“… and you’ll lick my balls…” I’m shifting in my seat as everything between my legs gets hard at the thought of her mouth on me.

“… and you will open your legs for me…” My mind’s eye is giving me a very good visual of her legs parted and the wet center of her offered up to me.

“… and you will take my big hard cock inside.” God I miss fucking her, she’s so good, so ready.

“You will do this for me, because you are my girl and I know you want your Daddy to feel good.”

“Daddy you’re making my lips swell…”

“And my special place is getting juicy…”

“Of course it is, baby, because your body knows what it wants. You little girl cunt wants Daddy’s big cock and you’re probably squirming right now thinking about it.”

“Mmhmm, and I know what you must smell like right now. I want to put my nose right in there and smell you up close. My slutty, little babygirl smells good when she gets wet for me.”

I wish we were on the phone so I could hear her moan, “Oh, Daddy I wish you were here right now.”

Yes, exactly. “I wish that too, darlin.”

“I need your tongue so badly.”

My mouth is full of saliva suddenly, “Mmmmm yes, I want to taste you, suck up all your sweet juices.”

She wants to make sure I’m squirming as much as she is, “I want to lick your balls slowly, take both of them in my mouth.”

“Mmmhmm… you’re good at that. You’ve learned how to make your Daddy happy.”

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