What Does It Feel Like From The Other Side?

I’m writing a lot about the birth of butch sexual desire in my character, the early recognition of those specific triggers that make my character (and me and a lot of others) crazy wild with desire for the femmes who grace his life as he journeys through it.

I am just as interested in hearing about the other side of that story. Who is writing the femme side of this story? Who do I read to understand that first blooming of attraction for butches, that first stirring that hit her when she sees a certain kind of guy walk into her life? Who’s gonna write the story of what it’s like to be attracted to Guys Like Us?

Of course there are stories of butch and femme attraction out there, but I’m hungry for more.  I want the contemporary stories, the one’s I’ll recognize as echoing my own experiences.  Got recommendations? Bring them on.. but mostly I want you to write it, you the person attracted to butches and transmasculine folk.  I want to hear it in your words, learn from your experiences.  I’ll know myself better for hearing what you teach me.

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