The Dirty December Challenge


My friend Sinclair Sexsmith (Sugarbutch Chronicles) mentioned today on Facebook that they were taking on a month long writing challenge (that sounds familiar) called Dirty December.  The goal is to post a dirty story each day of December.  When I saw that, my mental ears perked up… Month long writing challenge?  Dirty stories?  I love writing dirty stories!  You would not be wrong if you raised your hand right now and said, “But hey, Kyle, didn’t you just finish a month long writing challenge?  Shouldn’t you be taking a break or something?  Or working on your novel?”  Yes, yes, I know, it’s crazy to take on another challenge like this right after finishing one (NaNoWriMo, 54,328 words total).  But, but, but….

I loooovvvveeee writing dirty stories.  I’m not sure what kind of word count Sinclair has in mind, but I’m going to be pretty mellow.  Remember the old Microfantasy Monday stories?  Short little succulent morsels of erotica that you could consume on a break from work (though, I would recommend you be careful about that… here are some hazardous side effects).

So yeah, let’s see how this goes.  And if you enjoy what I’m putting out for you in December, don’t forget to stop by and see what Sinclair’s offering up as well.  Apparently, they can write a bit 😉

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