Take It For Daddy

[disclaimer:  this story is about consenting adults and role-play, trigger warning for those who have suffered sexual abuse]

Because all novel and no smut makes Kyle a dull, restless boy…. and a frustrated Daddy…


I’m imagining her bent over, face pressed against the rough hotel bed cover, trembling and squirming while I stand behind her, watching.  I spank her hard, twice, making her jump and yelp.  Her hands fly back to cover her bare bottom.

“No, no, babygirl, that won’t do”, I take off my belt, slowly so she can hear the buckle clink.  So she can hear me pull it out through the loops, one by one.  Grabbing her wrists, I press her harder onto the bed cover, then loop my belt around her wrists and pull tight.

She groans, “Daddy, please, I’m sorry… I’ll be a good girl, please, Daddy!”

“I know you will, baby, but rules are rules.  You’re getting five, count them.”

Without letting her get ready, I give her the first two open-handed spankings, hard.  She cries out, counting as told, barely holding herself still, struggling to not move away from me.  I run my hand across her reddened bottom.  “Such a good girl, three more now, baby.”

“Three, four!”  Her face is as red as her sweet curves now.

I reach between her legs, lightly touching her inner thigh.  She shudders and moans.

“Oh, Daddy…”

I lean down and whisper in her ear, “You like it, don’t you, baby?”  Moving down to kiss her on the waistline.. then across her reddened cheeks.  I stroke and pinch and squeeze her until she’s moaning again.

“But it hurts, Daddy, please I’ll be good, please no more, Daddy”, she’s put a delightful pout into her voice and she’s turned her face so I can see her sincerity.  But she’s a liar and we both know it.  She loves what’s happening and what is going to happen and I won’t be surprised if gives me more reasons to spank her.  In fact, I’m sure she will.

I give her a nasty chuckle in response, “It hurts too much, you say?  You don’t want more?”  I’m mocking her a bit, teasing.  Reaching between her legs again, my fingers find evidence of her lie.  “You know, babygirl, you should tell your cunt you don’t like being spanked because I don’t think it agrees with you.”

I get a handful of her and squeeze hard, hard enough to get her to moan and squirm and finally cry out.  Even so, she’s pressing into my hand and gushing even more.  I rub her wetness all over her bottom.

“Because you lied to me, little girl, you’ve earned three more.”

Ignoring her protests, and knowing she’s actually pleased to have earned more, I give her the first two up under her buttocks, where I’m hoping it stings nicely against the wetness I’ve anointed her with.  She gasps and attempts to gather herself but I hit her once more, right across the crack, before she has a chance.

While she’s catching her breath, I release her wrists, rubbing them lightly and kissing the marks my belt made.  I give her a moment to flex her arms and bring her palms up to her shoulders.  Then I reach between her legs again, kneading her pussy lips and sliding my fingers alongside her clit.  I’m imagining how good it would feel to touch myself, I want her so badly it hurts.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, please…!”  I answer by pressing my jean clad hips against her red cheeks and reaching around to continue stroking her.  She presses back against my hardness. “Oh, Daddy, please, I need you inside me, Daddy, please I feel so empty.”

It’s as if her voice yanks on a cord attached directly to the point where all my blood has gathered.  I feel myself grow even harder behind the strap-on.  I would love to release my cock and force it into her, but right now I want something else, something we’ve been talking about.

“You want Daddy’s big cock inside you, baby, is that what you want?” I’m purring at her, crooning, stroking her beautiful body and loving how turned on she’s made me.

“OH! Yes, Daddy, please, I need you! Please, Daddy, please please please..”

“What if I told you I had something else in mind, do you trust me, baby?”

There’s the slightest pause, she’s trying to figure out what I’m going to do.  I don’t wait for an answer, instead I press two fingers into her wet opening.  She moans and presses back against my hand.  She’s pressing back against my hand and forward against my fingers.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, yes…”

After a few strokes, I give her a third finger.  Her hips respond with more strident bucking.

“Mmmmm!!! Yes, Daddy, yes, ohgodplease.” She wants to be fucked so badly, she’s gripping the bed cover and she’s widened her stance, all the while pressing back harder and harder, impaling herself on my fingers.

“Does my girl want more?” I stop the in-and-out and hold myself inside, stroking her G-spot with my fingertips.

“Oh, Daddy, I want more but I’m so little, I don’t think I can take it.”  Under her faux innocence she’s practically growling and her hips are getting more and more urgent.

“I know you’re little, baby, but you can do this, you can do this for Daddy.” I tuck in my pinky and give her some strokes the narrow way before turning my hand 90 degrees so she can feel the whole width of my hand.

She’s getting noisier, and her cunt is making the most delightful wet slurpy noises as I thrust in and out.  She gasps loudly as I rotate my hand again.

“Daddy, I … *gasp* don’t know.. it hurts, it’s too big” She knows that just makes me want her more, knows she can reach inside me and pull the big, nasty, mean Daddy out this way.  And that’s who she wants right now, the Daddy who will force her.

“Oh now, babygirl, we’ve gone too far to stop now.  You can do it, baby, do it for me, take it for Daddy, baby”, I’m growling a bit now, I need to be inside her, all the way.

“Oh, Daddy… I can’t take it, it’s too much…”

“Yes, you can, baby, and I know you, you want it, don’t you?  You want to do this for Daddy, don’t you?  Don’t lie to me, girl”, my voice is firm.

She blushes, beautifully.  Seeing her like this turns me on so much. She doesn’t sound like a little girl when she answers “I do, I really do, but it’s so dirty, Daddy, so naughty.”

“Oh, I know you want it, baby, ’cause you’re my dirty girl.  Now, you’re going to relax and open up for my fist, aren’t you?  You’re going to pull my fist inside you and you’re going to tell me how good it feels to be all filled up because that’s what my good little girl does, she opens herself up for Daddy.  You’re gonna do this for me, babygirl, take it for Daddy, baby” and  I let go of her front side and  Smack! Smack!  After two hard strikes on her bottom, my fist slides right in.

“There we go, baby”, my other hand returns to its previous location. “There it is, I knew you could do it.  You are such a good girl for Daddy, such a good girl.”

“Oh, Daddy, I feel so full now… it hurts but it feels good, too.”

“You are perfect, baby, open enough to let me in and tight enough to squeeze me.. squeeze down on my fist, baby, let me feel you.”

A low groan as she does as asked.  “Oh, Daddy, I’m so little and your fist is so big.”

I never get tired of hearing that.  “Daddy knows how to open you up…”

Smack! Smack! Two more hard ones and she opens up even more, it’s like magic.  “That’s it baby, just like that, you feel so good and you are so wet for Daddy.”

I flex my hand slightly, she groans and presses back hard.  I turn slowly inside her, rubbing my knuckles against her G-spot.

“OH, DADDY!  OH, Daddy, yes, please more of that!”

“That’s my good, good girl… so beautiful, so good for Daddy.”  I start slowly, pulling back and pressing in, letting her settle in.

Her voice gets lower and rougher, “Ohgod, yes, Daddy, yessssss… oh, Daddy, harder Daddy, harder.”

She’s thrusting almost frantically against my fist, and smashing my fingers against the bed on the out strokes.  Her breathing is ragged, her hair a mess and her face is red and sweaty… in short, she’s absolutely gorgeous and I can’t imagine anything better than what’s happening with her in that moment.

“That’s my good, sweet, little girl, yessss”  While her voice has gotten lower, mine has picked up a snarl.  Words and tone are getting out of sync.

“Oh yeah Daddy…. unnnggggg…  fuck my tight, wet pussy.”

She’s losing it too, in all the best ways.

“Yeah? Should I fuck you harder, little girl?  Can you take it?”

She groans and thrusts harder and faster in response, lifting up to give me more access.  I begin to punch a little on the in-strokes, holding my hand deep and pausing for a few seconds.  Underneath, I’m stroking and squeezing her clit.  She’s deliciously swollen but I only get to feel her for a few seconds before she slams herself down again, mashing my hand under her.    She’s rocking hard against my fist, lost in her pleasure.  I press against her thighs, letting her feel my weight, giving her something else to press back on.

“Oh, god, Daddy, Daddy!”  I know that tone and she’s already began to shudder.

“Yes, baby, come for Daddy, come for me darling girl, give it to me, baby.”  And she does, she comes hard, using my hands to get what she needs, what I am so happy to give her.

Afterwards, cuddling in bed, I hold her close and kiss her, “Such a good girl you are.”

She smiles, that dizzy, glazed-over smile that pleases me so much and I grin back.

“I knew you could do it, I knew you could take it for Daddy.”

She reaches for my face, pulling me into a deep kiss, then runs her hand down the front of  my body until she finds the hardness between my legs.  I groan from deep in my belly.

“Daddy, I think you need more.”  She pushes me back and I smile even bigger.  Of course I need more, I always need more from her.


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