NaNoWriMo 2013, excerpt from Day 21, Desiree’s New Car

After school, once most everyone else was gone, I got my turn at checking out Desiree’s new car.  It was pretty nice, especially coming from a family that always got well-used vehicles.  There was always something already broken and usually a stain of unknown origins that wouldn’t come up.  But her car was pretty sweet.  I sat in the driver’s seat and went through the gears.  I’d driven my dad’s old Ford truck a few times but this felt like a much better fit.

She leaned in through the window, “So, Mister, you want a good time?  Lemme take you for a ride…”

I laughed and agreed that I definitely wanted a good time.  I got out and went over to the passenger side.  She started it up and then leaned over to kiss me.  I returned the kiss but then broke off, looking around for witnesses.

“Oh, baby, don’t worry, there’s no one paying attention to us.  But, if you’d like, we can go somewhere more private.”

I glanced at the clock in her dashboard, then back at her with a grin “Yeah, I’ve got some time.  Take me away, baby.”  I figured I needed to be home before my Dad, which meant by 5:00.  I’d have to explain myself to my Mom, but that wasn’t hard.  That gave us a couple of hours to mess around.

And that was the first afternoon of many as we sought out places where we could get some alone time in her car.  Along the way, we also discovered many places where it was impossible to get privacy.  We spent the first hour that day driving around and around in ever widening circles, pulling into seemingly empty parking lots, abandoned lots and even a few side streets.  Since it was still light, it didn’t appear that anything in town was going to work.

We’d just be getting into a nice long slow kiss and someone would drive by, or we’d think that the person driving through the parking lot several rows away had seen us and we’d freak out and drive somewhere else.  All and all it was sexy and stressful and ultimately hilarious.

It was finally time for me to get home.  She pulled up to my house and reached over to squeeze my thigh, then she squeezed me between the legs.  I gasped and moaned.  I was so worked up over all of our fooling around, I was sure I’d burst if she kept at it.  Then she pulled her hand away and patted my thigh.

“See you tomorrow, Buddy… think about me later, when you got to bed, ok?”

Well, there was no question about that.  I walked into my house, mumbled something to my mom and flopped down on my bed, staring at the ceiling.  I had about a half hour before my Dad got home and about 15 minutes before I had to help in the kitchen.  I reached down and squeezed myself right where Desiree’s hand had been moments before.  I thought about her lips, her tongue, the way her fingers played with the hairs on the back of my neck when we kissed.  I thought about the way her body felt when she pressed me back on her bed and pushed her thigh between mine.  I rubbed hard and fast and came quickly, gasping and panting for breath.  Then I laid back and tried to compose myself before going out to help my mom get dinner on the table.

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