NaNoWriMo 2013, excerpt from Day 10

I went to my room, closing the door softly and threw myself on my bed.  I was hungry and not at all happy to be missing a meal but I’d avoided an all out fight with my dad and that was a good thing.  Besides, I had some happy memories to keep me company.  I tried to ignore the sound of my mom’s voice, clearly pleading my case even though I couldn’t hear the words.  My dad’s voice was angry and gruff and at one point I clearly heard him slam his fist on the table.

I left the light off and did my best to ignore them.  I closed my eyes and conjured up Desiree’s face, the way she looked right before a kiss, her eyes half closed and her lips parted.  My hand was between my legs, remembering the way she ground her pussy against mine.  Something like an electrical connection had opened up between us, like we were plugging into each other.  I opened up my jeans, hoping I’d have just a little more time to myself.  My fingers worked over and around my clit but that wasn’t enough.  I flopped over on my belly and fisted my hand under me.  Hunching my hips and grinding against my knuckles I imagined her there on the bed under me.  The smell of her hair and the skin at her throat filled my senses.

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