NaNoWriMo 2013: excerpt, Day 1

From Day 1:

I gave her a ride home once, she’d gotten into a fight with him and he tore out of the parking lot in a hurry, screaming at her through the open window.  I had just walked out of the math hallway, heading toward my pick up truck and saw the tail end of that skirmish.  No idea what they were fighting about, but since they fought a lot, it hardly mattered.  They always made up later.  She had him wrapped, too.

She looked up and saw me looking at her, her face an angry mask.  She quickly recomposed herself and called out to me, after glancing around quickly to make sure there were no witnesses, “Buddy, honey, would you give me a ride home, pretty please?  That asshole just left me high and dry and I got no one else to turn to.”

Mmhmm, I thought, that’s why you turn to me, that and there’s no one to see you do it.  I was in a slightly pissy mood that day, but I wasn’t gonna leave her like that, if only to prove — once again — that I was way better than her asshole boyfriend.

I opened the door for her, she rubbed up against me as she climbed in.  I started up the engine and drove out of the parking lot, not saying anything or looking in her direction.  She fussed inside her purse, did her lips and fussed some more.

“Do you want to know what we were fighting about?”

“Not really”  Like I said, I wasn’t in a great mood that day.

“What’s wrong, Buddy, are you mad at me?” She flounced and pouted.  She was very good at pouting and usually I was a complete sucker for it.  Tonight I just shrugged.

“Nope, just had a long day, and I’m tired.  After I drop you off I’ve got to go home and finish homework and I’m coming in early tomorrow to work on some extra credit in chemistry”  I kept my eyes on the road.  It was dangerous to make eye contact.  She scootched herself over until her thigh was snug up against mine, this is where she usually sat and yeah, there was her hand, snaking around my shoulders, playing with my left ear, and yep, her right hand was making itself comfortable on my thigh, travellin upward.

“Baby, I’m sorry you had a rotten day” Her lips were about an inch from my ear.  “Let me make you feel better.”

She had a sultry way of talking, when she wanted to turn on the charm, and I was a complete gonner for it.. even when I tried to resist, like right then.  I sighed or something, shifted in my seat and that’s when she knew she’d get her way.  She always knew how to read me.

“Buddy, pull over at the old Johnson’s driveway and let me make you feel good, baby..”

My mouth went dry, I glanced at her, she was looking at me up under eyelids.  That driveway was about a quarter mile before the turn off to her place.  I made my decision and kissed my beauty sleep goodbye.  I lifted my right arm up and put it around her shoulders, pulling her close to me.  She started kissing on my neck, nibbling on my ear.  Good thing I knew that road by heart because I wasn’t paying much attention to it.  Her hands were all over my crotch, pressing and rubbing.  My hips started moving of their own accord.  It was all I could do to stay on the road as she gave me that handjob.  She should have been more careful, she knew I closed my eyes when I came but there she was, flirting with disaster on a dark, country road with ditches on both sides.

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