NaNoWriMo 2013 Day 26 excerpt ….

More from my novel in progress, Guys Like Us from my NaNoWriMo 2013 daily writing… in this episode, Buddy and Desiree add something new to their sex life:

She sat up and pushed me back against the door.  I stopped feeling the door handle digging into my back as soon as she started touching me between the legs.  I tried to draw her inside but she wagged a finger at me, “No, no, mister, you lie back and enjoy yourself… I’m in charge here.”

Being in charge meant she had license to tease me all she wanted, at least that’s what it meant in her mind.  She pressed my knees farther apart and then dragged her fingernails from right next to my curlies up to my knees.  I gasped and jerked, holding edge of the seat to steady myself, knowing this game required me to hold still as best I could.  She leaned over me, not quite touching my lips with hers and then, softly, traced them with her tongue.  I moaned and my head rolled back slightly.  I could feel new wetness gushing in anticipation.

She braced her hands on the door and kissed my jawline softly, until she reached my ear.  I felt her draw her tongue slowly around the edge then cried out as she closed her teeth on it.

“Owwww, fuck!” I couldn’t help it, that hurt.  I forced my hands down again and she pulled back.

“What’s wrong, stud, can’t take a little pain?”  She’d played this game with me a little bit before and I wasn’t sure yet that I liked it, but I also didn’t want to tell her ‘no’.  Such a dilemma.

I took a deep breath and set my jaw, “Yeah, I can take it.. bring it on, baby.”

“Oh, I will, but there are rules.  Put your hands under you, sit on them.  You ready to let me have my way with you, Buddy?”  Her voice had an unfamiliar edge to it, it was sharp and strong and commanding.  The combination of her voice and the way her eyes were pinning me to the wall had me swooning.

“Yeah.. yeah, OK.”  I shifted around and sat on my hands.  I felt even more exposed than before, more vulnerable than I’d ever felt with her, counting the first time she opened my thighs and fucked me.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect next.

What happened next was that she explored my body in a completely new way, finding out how to inflict pain and how I would react.  She only left a few marks.  A bite mark on my left breast.  Fingernail scratches on my inner thighs.  She hit me with her fist a few times, thighs, chest, arms, but not hard enough to leave bruises.  At first I gasped and cried out at each new painful invasion (?) but at some point, I realized that it didn’t hurt as much.  Though the temperature had dropped outside and I was no longer covered by the blanket, I felt warm all over. I started to grin, then laugh, even giggle, after crying out.

“Look at you, look at my little masochist.”  She spoke softly, crooning and began to run her hands all over me.

“Oh, baby.. that feels good.” I sighed and closed my eyes.  She took one breast in each hand and gently squeezed them, then brought each one in turn to her mouth.  She licked and sucked and lightly scraped them with her teeth.  After the way she’d been pummeling and scratching me, the gentle touch made me crazy.

“Baby, please, god.. you feel so good, I’m so wet for you, please, Des, give it to me, please.”

“Please, what, baby?  What do you need?”  Her voice was smooth, like a soft, velvety sheath over a sharp knife.

“Des, please, baby, fuck me, I need it, bad, you’ve been driving me crazy please!”  I didn’t care how I sounded, all I knew was that I was crazy with desire for her.

She laughed and the control in her voice broke apart, “Oh, Buddy, you are such a sexy thing.. yeah, I’m gonna fuck you, I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’re gonna walk funny for days.”

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