NaNoWriMo 2013, and another.. from Day 9

And because I love my faithful readers and also don’t want them calling for my head on a pike.. a little more… 

I stepped into the play shed, a covered but only partially walled structure with basketball hoops and four-square grids.  It was empty.  I checked my watch, I was a couple minutes early.  Leaning back against a concrete block wall, I closed my eyes and willed my heart to stop imitating a herd of stampeding horses.  My brain was doing it’s typical panic-driven overdrive, coming up with multiple potential scenarios for the coming conversation.  My brain was also acting like a hard-boiled pessimist and none of the scenarios veered from a path leading to complete disaster.  She was gonna come in here and tell me she’d made a mistake, that it couldn’t ever happen again and beg me to never speak of it to anyone.  In fact, I was so convinced of the inevitability of this, that I felt guilty about telling Sarah May.  I was so convinced she was going to reject me that tears welled up in my eyes.

“Buddy?”  I opened my eyes, she was standing a few feet away, next to her bike.  I hadn’t heard her ride up.  I looked at her, tried to speak, but nothing would come out.  What could I say that would convince her not to deny what we’d felt together last night?

“Oh, god, Buddy”  She dropped her bike and ran up to me, throwing her arms around my neck, kissing me hard.  Lucky for me, I didn’t have to think about what to do in response.  I leaned back against the wall, pulled her up against me and kissed her back.  Just like the night before, time ceased to have any meaning and the rest of the world ceased to matter.  And, best of all, my head shut up.

Coming up for air, she leaned back slightly and looked up at me.  Her blue eyes were full of emotion, I couldn’t guess what she was feeling, but whatever it was she was there kissing me, so maybe it wasn’t so bad.  I reached out to brush her hair back, behind her ears like she usually did for herself.  As soon as I touched her face, her eyes closed and she sighed.  She looked happy and that made me happy.  In fact, seeing how happy she felt when I touched her made me feel more than happy, I couldn’t even name what I felt.

“Buddy…”  Her face got serious and I got worried again. “I’m sorry.. I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you today.  I .. I was trying to figure it all out”  She paused, seemed to gather herself.  “Buddy, you know I’ve had boyfriends before, um, a lot of them.. but you, you’re different…”

I snorted, “Well, yeah, girl, that’s because I ain’t a boy…” The ‘duh’ was implied, but she heard it and smacked me on the chest.

“Buddy, I know what you are and what you are not.. and what you are is all the best things about a boy without all the worst things.”

My ever helpful mind began to point out quite urgently something that might be considered one of ‘the best things about a boy’ and that I did not in fact have, “Well, there might be something about boys that you like that I don’t have.”  I was mindful of the rumors that had circulated about her since middle school, thinking that it would be odd if the one ‘boy thing’ I lacked would have slipped her mind.

I was also worried she’d be offended at what I was implying, but instead she grinned.

“Oh, Buddy” She purred this in a soft husky whisper, while sliding her hands around my waist and down to my ass.  “You aren’t lackin anything, baby.”

If I’d thought the kisses we’d already shared were hot and passionate, the one she launched right then was on another level.  Her hands squeezed my ass and she ground her pelvis into me.  I reached around to her ass and pulled her in even closer.  She rubbed against me and it was like fire was suddenly running through my veins.  I moaned against her mouth, breathing hard and thrusting against her.

“Ohgod, Des, ohgod” was all I could manage.  All the times I’d rubbed one out on my own were nothing compared to how good this felt.  I felt like I was made of nerve endings, everywhere she touched me was buzzing like a wire fence.  I’d had orgasms before but the one I had with her rubbing against me was in a league of its own.

We clung together, panting, my hair wet with sweat.  I looked at her and her eyes were wild, like the night before and I knew mine looked the same.  Whatever this was between us, it felt good, it felt amazing.  I’d never felt like that before.

And then I remembered we were barely concealed in the covered play area of a grade school.

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