NaNoWriMo 2013: a little more from Day 8

… starting from where the last post left off:


We pulled away from each other quickly, both looking toward the sliding glass door that separated the deck from the dining room but her mom hadn’t seen us.  She was bustling between the kitchen and the table.  There was space between our bodies, but she was holding onto my belt and I was holding her other hand.  She took another glance back at the house and then closed the gap again, one hand on my belt and the other slipping around my neck.  She looked into my eyes and then her lips were on mine.  It was pretty much everything I’d imagined it would be.  Soft but seeking, her tongue sweet, probing my mouth.  My mind went mercifully blank, not bothering me with its usual endless critique and yammer.  I did what came naturally, and followed her lead.  My tongue slid in next to hers and she groaned against my mouth.  My arms wrapped around her waist and I held her against my body, my body that hummed and thrummed with a kind of music I’d only heard a faint echo of in my dreams.  Too soon, she broke away, panting, looking wildly into my eyes.  A wild look I’m certain I echoed in my own.

“We should go in.. but .. Buddy…”  She took a deep breath and took my hands from her waist and kissed them and sighed.  “Oh, Buddy…”

Probably no surprise that dinner was a bit of a blur.  Desiree kept up a banter with me about school and tried her best to engage me in it.  Her mom took no notice of how desperately we were both attempting to sound like two normal friends from high school.  My head had turned itself back on and was not shutting up for anything.  You aren’t friends, Buddy.  You weren’t friends and now you’re something way different than friends.  What the hell have you done, Buddy?  This is a huge fuck up, dude.  She’s a girl, what do you think you’re gonna do with her, take her to the prom?

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