This Weekend in Portland…

This weekend I had a date. An in person kind of date.  An in person, in the wonderfully sexy flesh kind of date.

She lives in Portland, her name is Ruby and we had a very nice time.

The end.


What?  You want to know more?  Nosy, aren’t ya? ;-P

Well, she’s sexy and smart and a femme and we’ve been friends online since earlier this year, through the magic of Facebook and my blog.   We’ve ranted to each other, helped each other through some rough emotional spots and amused each other in various ways. She enjoys my erotica.. and when she tells me how hot my writing makes her, it turns me on.  At some point not too long ago, whilst talking about what we were looking for in a prospective date, we realized that we were describing each other (well, it could also be other people, but it also described us).  She’s poly and has a primary partner (like me) so we have that in common.  And other things.

But you don’t want to know about all that, you want to know how the date went, right?

I drove down to Portland Saturday afternoon, checked into a hotel room and texted her that I was in town.  We had decided to meet for dinner at a hipsterish place on Hawthorne (Gold Dust Meridian).  We ordered drinks and an assortment of small foodstuffs to share.  We ate and drank and talked, sitting across from each other.  I kept thinking, I should be sitting next to her, but then I’d get a case of the shy.  Eventually, I broke through that, getting up to use the rest room, I leaned over and told her, When I come back, I’d like to sit next to you, and she said yes, so I did.  I reached for her hand, she reached for my thigh… and more.  The touching was really good, something we’d both been talking about and looking forward to.  Foreplay, I love foreplay.  Soon it was clear we should get our check and head back to my room, or we’d be causing an incident.  I think I said something about that, and reminded her that I was an exhibitionist.  Love the look on her face at that.  Yes, I needed to get that check.  She was touching me and turning me on and I kept getting distracted about getting the check and the waiter kept not coming to our table… but eventually, we were on our way to the rest of the evening.

No, you’re not going to get details of what happened next, but I will tell you a few things.  I really like kissing her, she’s really, really nice to kiss.  Kissing compatibility is pretty important to me, so this is a very good thing.   I like the way her skin feels, I like the way she touches me and I love touching her.  Sexual compatibility is something you never know until you’re in the moment and we have that, too.  The sex was really good *big grin*.  Also, snuggling!  Lying together comfortably between and after bouts of sex is so good.    And I gave her the gift of chocolate, having done my research ahead of time so I knew what kind to get… what I didn’t know ahead of time was that the actual brand I bought is her favorite.  Score!

Alas, the date was over all too quickly, but before it was over, we’d already decided to have another.  We also agreed that it was less than optimal to not live closer together.  All good signs, don’t you agree?

The next morning, well rested after sleeping hard in a hotel that was inexplicably much quieter than my house, I checked out and went to breakfast with a good friend of mine (we’ve known each other for many, many years).  The sun was shining, I was feeling awesome and relaxed and grounded in the best ways.  I was able to hang on to that glow all the way home and into the night.

Ruby, thank you for a wonderful first date.  I’m very much looking forward to our second 🙂


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