Such a Good Girl….

[disclaimer:  this story is about consenting adults and role-play, trigger warning for those who have suffered sexual abuse]

She’s sitting quietly in the chair, hands folded in her lap, eyes down.  I can tell from where I stand that her breath is rapid, shallow.  She’s nervous and there’s a blush growing on her face.

My cock tightens as I imagine the blush I’m going to create on her other cheeks.

I shouldn’t keep her waiting too long, but I love the anticipation that’s building for both of us.  She licks her lips, flicks a glance upward, sees me watching her and looks down quickly, biting her lip.  My thumbs are hooked in my pockets, fingers casually framing the bulge in my jeans.  She knows which cock I’ve strapped on for her, I let her choose it and I don’t have to guess that her pussy is already dripping wet for me, even when I haven’t utilize the plugs used in the bedroom on her yet.

“Ahem” I clear my throat and take a step toward her.  ”Look at me girl”  Firm but gentle. So far.

She looks up at me with the most beautiful expression of desire and fear on her face.  We’ve talked about this, she has a good idea what I have planned for her but that doesn’t mean she isn’t apprehensive.

“I asked you to sit and think about your behavior.  Have you been doing as I asked, baby girl?”

She takes a deep breath, hesitates briefly, “Yes, Daddy, I’ve been thinking as hard as I can.”

My cock twitches when she says ‘hard’ and I’m certain she chose her words very carefully.

“So, my sweet, darling girl, I asked you earlier to answer this question:  What kind of girl are you?  Do you have an answer for me?”

She brightens her face with a smile and answers cheerily, “I’m a good girl, Daddy!”

I smile at her with mouth but my eyes narrow a bit, she notices and keeps smiling, but pulls away from me slightly.  ”Oh, are you now?  Are you a good girl?”

The truth is, no matter how she answers, there’s no avoiding what I have planned for her.  She’s chosen the ‘good girl’ route, so now it’s my job to show her what a bad girl she truly is… such a bad, naughty, dirty girl…

I close the gap between us suddenly, grabbing her face roughly, still keeping my expression soft, impassive.  ”Let me ask you something… do good girls think about their Daddy’s cocks while they’re supposed to be doing their work?  Do they think about their Daddies and rub themselves between the legs the way you do?  Hmmm?”

She blushes beautifully and sucks in her breath, shocked, tears standing in her eyes.  I loosened my grip on her face and held it gently, leaning in to kiss her.  ”I love you, baby, but you can’t lie to me like that.  I know you.  I know what kind of girl you are, and I know what you need from your Daddy.”

I took a step back, “Stand up, baby.  Stand up and come over to the bed.”

She does as she’s told, her eyes big.  ”Bend over and put your hands on the bed, yes, just like that…” I stand back to admire the view and then step behind her, tapping my toes against the insides of her feet, indicating she should widen her stance.

At her side now, I reach up to stroke her cheek while my other hand is stroking her thigh.  She’s got a schoolgirl skirt on, with garters and stockings.  I tease the edge of her garter and she squirms.  Taking a handful of her hair, I pull her head back slightly, “Are you ready, girl?”

Not waiting for her answer, which seems to be caught in her throat, I flip her skirt up over her waist.  Looking at what she has under that skirt makes me inhale sharply.

“Well, what have we here?”  She looks alarmed at the tone in my voice.  My fingers trace the waistband of her thong panties.  ”You told me you were a good girl, but clearly you were lying.  Good girls don’t wear thongs, they wear panties to cover themselves.  But that’s not what you do, is it, girl?  Nooooo, you’re a dirty girl and dirty girls want to be seen.”  My hand is busy caressing her ass, straying closer and closer to her warm cleft.  She’s breathing heavy, eyes half closed.  I loosen my grip on her hair and trace her lips with my fingers.  Her tongue flicks out to touch them.  What a sweet, naughty girl she is.

Back to business.  ”You have earned 10 spankings.”  *ignoring her moan of protest* “And you are going to count them out for me.  If you lose track, I’ll have to add some…”  I pinch her inner thigh to emphasize the warning and she yelps in response.

“Yes, Daddy, I’ll count them .. oh Daddy, please, I’ll be a good girl.”  She squirms and presses her ass into my hand, trying to tempt me away from her punishment.  It almost works.  The way she moans and begs makes me want to take her right then and there but I’m Daddy, I need to maintain discipline.

Holding her by the hair again, I give her number one, sharp but not too hard.  She gasps and closes her eyes.

“Baby?” Warning in my voice.

Her eyes fly open again, “Yes, Daddy. One!”  She braces herself.

“Next time I won’t help you, sweetheart.  Are you ready?”

She’s barely nodded before I deliver two, sharp and swift, one to each cheek.  She cries out and quickly counts, “Two, Three.”

Four and five land a little lower, almost to the crease between her thighs and buttocks.  She counts for me, with a sob in her voice.  I remember our conversation about this, remember her fear that she couldn’t take very much.  The halfway point is a good time to give her a partial reward.

Rubbing the red marks that have appeared on her sweet ass, I lean toward her and kiss her cheek, ear, neck.  She sighs, moans as she presses into my hand.  She’s having mixed feelings, which is exactly what I want.  I drag my fingernail across her tender skin and as she gasps, I slide two fingers into her mouth.  She pulls them in, sucking hard.  This is what she needs, something to help her get through the second half of her punishment.

“That’s my girl, my good girl.  Daddy knows what kind of girl you are, you’re a slutty little girl who needs her Daddy, aren’t you?”

“Mmmhmmmm” She answers through my fingers, continuing to caress them with with her tongue and pull them more deeply into her mouth.  I reach down and squeeze myself, hard and waiting to enter her.  She turns me on so much, sucking my fingers the way she sucks my cock.

“Are you ready to count again?  Five more, sweetheart” She tries to pull back, off my fingers but I don’t let her.  She rolls her eye toward me, questioning.  I press my fingers back into her and stroke in and out a few times.  Her eyes roll back, half closed.  She’ll do her best, and that’s all a Daddy can ask for.  I reach between her legs, she moans and pants.  She’s so wet it’s running down her legs.

I squeeze her lips together, a jolt goes through her, “Mmmmhmmmm, you are definitely Daddy’s little girl, aren’t you?  You’re getting ready for me aren’t you, baby?”  My voice is low, almost purring.  I release her pussy and she lurches back, trying to find my hand again.  ”Alright now, let’s continue.”

Six! Seven! Eight!  Hard and sharp, in rapid succession, two of them right on the crease of her thighs.  She falls forward a bit, gagging herself on my fingers, eyes shut tight against the pain, breathing hard, tears running down her cheeks.   I rub and squeeze and pinch the gorgeous red marks raising against her white skin.  ”Good girl, such a good girl for Daddy.”  She’s so beautiful, distress and pleasure so clearly expressed on her face, in her body.

“Two more, sweetheart.”  I pause and let her gather herself.  For someone who said she was a wimp, not sure she could take very much of this, she’s done very well.  I’m really looking forward to rewarding her.  The last two are the hardest so far, but right in the meat of her ass.  She cries out around my fingers, pulling away from my hand.

I pull my fingers out of her mouth slowly, petting her hair. Her mouth curls slightly, she’s pleased with herself, as she should be.  No need to tell her now that since she’s proven herself, she’ll get more next time.  I pull her upright, holding her steady against me.  Her eyes are a little glazed, she leans into my kiss as though she’s starving.  I grab her ass roughly and pull her against my cock.  She gasps in pain and sighs with pleasure, gawd, that’s so gorgeous, that mixture.  I pull back and look into her eyes.

“You’ve been a very good girl for Daddy.  You took your punishment very well”  She smiles giddily and I grin back.  ”What would you like Daddy to give you as a reward, darling girl?”

I wish I could adequately describe the way her eyes flash at that moment – hunger, need, something predatory.  She rubs herself against me, up and down.  ”Daddy, I need you, please, Daddy, I need you inside me.  I feel so empty, Daddy… ”

My cock was already hard, but somehow her words make me harder.  My voice comes out rough, “Yes, baby girl, yes.  I’ll give you what you want.  Daddy needs you, too, baby.”

Pushing her back down, hands braced on the bed, I step between her legs, flipping her skirt up again.  I would love to be smooth and graceful, but she’s driven me wild and I pull her thong down, roughly, exposing her.  She hears me unbuckle my belt and pull my buttons open, pressing back eagerly.  ”Please, Daddy.. please, I need you Daddy… I need your big, hard cock inside me… Please, Daddy, I want to give you everything you need….”

I press myself against her hole, she’s wet and open to me but I hold myself right there.  I want her as badly as she wants me but I also want to extend this moment.  Anticipation is a drug I never get enough of.  She moans when she realizes I’m not going to thrust into her immediately.

“Are you sure, baby girl?  Daddy is very big and you are just a little girl…”  I’m taunting her a bit, it’s going to make her crazy.  “I’m worried it will be too much for you.”  She growls, I’ve pushed her just about as far as I can get away with.

Through gritted teeth, “Daddy, please.. I can take it all, Daddy, I promise.. please Daddy let me try!”  She’s trying to prove her point by pressing back against me, trying to pull me in.  I pop her sharply on the ass, warning her to control herself.

“Hmmm.. I guess we can try…”  I push into her slowly, this is a very big cock, thick and long.  I give her a couple of inches and stop.  ”How’s that, honey?”

Groan.  ”Daddy! Please, I can take all of you, Daddy… please, I need you inside me, I need you to fill me up.”  Oh, my, she is so gorgeous, squirming, wiggling, trying to impale herself on my cock, it’s all I can do to hold her back.

“You need to be filled, babygirl?  You need to be fucked hard by your Daddy, don’t you?”

She answers with “Yesssss…” as I press into her with my full length.

“ohgod.. fuckfuck, yes, Daddy, yes.. fuck me, Daddy.”

No more holding back, no more teasing, we both need this.  I pound into her, hard and fast as she widens her stance even more, giving me better access.  My hands are on her hips, her pink ass bucking back against me.  She feels so good, tight and wet and warm, squeezing me, pulling me in deeper on every stroke.  There are no more words, there is only the sound of our harsh breathing, the smacking of skin-on-skin as I thrust into her, and the wet sounds of her pussy.  On every stroke, the base of the cock strikes my swollen clit.  I’m getting close and so is she.

“Mmmmgggggggrrrrrrr… sweet, sweet baby girl, you are gonna make Daddy come so hard inside you.”

“Oh, Daddy, please, please come inside me, please fill me up, Daddy!”

Reaching around her hips, I squeeze her pussy, pressing against her clit.  She bucks even harder against me.

“I want you to come for me, baby, come for Daddy.. come for Daddy and I’ll fill you up, my sweet, slutty girl… ”

“Oh, oh oh ohhhh, yesss… ” As she hits her orgasm, I press into her, holding her there, on my cock, grinding my clit against it.

“Fuuuuuckk… mmmmggggg.. yes, baby, yes… Yes!” It goes on and on, for both of us.  So much build up, so much heat between us.  Fucking her is always so good but this is amazing.

Finally, both of us drained and weak legged, I pull her down into my lap as I sit on the floor.  We’re both hot sweaty messes, giggling a bit.  I hold her close and kiss her.  She returns my kisses with fervor.  She snuggles in and we talk about it, she tells me the parts she liked the best and the parts that were the hardest.  We both want to do more scenes like this, we’ve definitely found a kink that’s mutually satisfying.

I’ve leaned back against the bed with my eyes closed, stroking her hair as she rests her head against my chest.  Her fingers trail down until they’re playing with the short, damp hairs between my legs.  I shift my weight back and moan lightly.

“Hmmmm…” my girl says brightly, “I think my Daddy needs a little more attention, doesn’t he?”  She looks up at me with those eyes again, the ones I can’t describe except to say they cut right through me, I can’t resist those eyes.

I nod, breathing hard, “Yes, babygirl, I think you’re right… Daddy does need more attention.”

And with that, I lean back and let her have her way with me.

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