More on Our First Date… Memories I’m Swooning Over

Caught sight of myself in the mirror this morning and saw the light yellow-green evidence of her love bites.  Touched each of them lightly, then a little harder..  she got me good.

We’ve been texting back and forth today, things we enjoyed, things we want to do again, things we want to try together.  Ruby reminded me of something that I keep replaying over and over again, swooning each time.

… I was leaning back against her chest, she’d been massaging my shoulders and arms, which led her hands to my chest.  She fingered my nipples lightly at first, then pinched and pulled.

“Yes, pull on them.. yesssss!”  a husky hiss, more of a demand than a request.

“Mmmm… ” she responded, “That’s not very nice…”

“Please!  Please, pull on them, please….” begging now, wanting it so badly there was no room for playing hard to get.

And she did and I kept begging for it and it was absolutely wonderful, pain and pleasure mixed, her clever strong fingers pinching and tugging and kneading my soft fleshy bits.

*happy sigh*

And now she’s talking about using clamps next time … grrrrrr… yes, like very much, as long as she keeps using those hands, because as much as I like implements, living flesh, skin and bone are always the best.

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