Fifth Blogaversary Celebration.. The Thumbs Have It

According to my WTI Like Post add-on (thumbs up, thumbs down), these are the most popular Butchtastic blog posts as of today:

Microfantasy Monday, Silence, part 2…   22 likes

I Want You To… 21 likes

Half-Nekkid Thursday: skin 16 likes

She Makes Me Blush… 16 likes

A Love Note To Her Legs… 13 likes

Truckside Quicky… 11 likes

Microfantasy Monday, Slience, part 1… 10 likes

Half-Nekkid Thursday, Freshly Packed... 8 likes

Flight Delay… 7 likes

Microfantasy Monday, Irish… 7 likes


Did your favorites make the list?

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