Fifth Blogaversary Celebration… Scavenger Hunt!

In honor of five years of Butchtastic, let’s have a scavenger hunt!  Let’s have a winner and a prize!  Who’s in?

———– THE CONTEST —————————-

I’ll be collecting entries until Midnight, October 7th.  The most complete entry will be declared the winner and if I receive more than one completed and correct entry, I’ll draw names to determine the winner.  The winner gets….. I’d love to say I could fly to where they live and take them out for dinner but I don’t have that kind of budget, so I hope offering a signed copy of Salacious magazine with my story in it will be incentive enough. (if you already have a copy, we can negotiate and come up with a reasonable replacement prize).

Here’s what you do…

Scavenger ‘items’ to collect:

  1. On what date did I first reference Roxy in a blog post, and what was the blog title?
  2. What was Butches in the A.M.? Who were the cast members?
  3. When was the first Suburban Butch Dad Report posted, and what was the subject?
  4. What the heck is ‘Cock Soup’?
  5. What blog provided the key inspiration for Butchtastic?
  6. Where did Roxy and I meet?
  7. What is my favorite kind of liquor?
  8. What did I post as my first HNT?
  9. When did I post the first picture featuring my cleavage?
  10. What was the first picture I posted that was taken by Roxy?
  11. At what point did I come out as trans?
  12. Did I ever refer to myself as ‘she/her’ in a blog post?
  13. How old is Spawn1? How about Spawn2?
  14. In terms of my life history, who is Jaz?
  15. Who originated Microfantasy Mondays?
  16. BONUS:  a correct answer here is worth two others – What was the title of my first published story and where was it published?

You can comment here with your answers (I’m not going to approve the comment, because I don’t want to give away the answers) or you can email me at Kyle at Butchtastic dot net

Have fun!!!

(it’s possible I could be bribed for hints…. )

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One Response to Fifth Blogaversary Celebration… Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Hanah says:

    1. February 2009 was the first time you mentioned her name, however you mention her several months before that in passing with a name attached (I need to stop reading your archives.., because they make me wet and then I’m masturbating. Was this the goal of your little hunt?) was a twit cast…like a radio show. You, nattnightly, audacia ray, debauched diva, smuttysteff, and freedomgrrrl
    3. November 29, 2010
    4. It’s boiling and sanitizing dildos
    5. Butch voices
    6. On the blog
    7. I’m torn…most guys I know like scotch but I’m thinking your a tequila fan.
    8. Nov. 6 2008 and it was your muscle on your arm…pervert
    9.nov19 2008
    10. Feb 4 2009
    11. I want to say in the 90s
    12. I think this is yes..I seem to remember a piercing post I think where you talk about sneaking clothes in your bag to school and you where she then I think
    13. Well I know they are ten years apart…since you officially were together in 09 I know you guys tried awhile I think you post pics of spawn1 in womb in 2010 I’d say say she’s 2 or 3. Spawn 2 has to be like 13
    14. She’s your high school sweetheart who had to part ways due to relationship changes but are still great friends
    16. Salacious magazine in 2011

    Does this make me a stalker???lol

    I’m impresssed… I had no idea you’d stalked me so much.. unfortunately, this is not the winning entry.. thanks for playing -K

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