Butchtastic Fifth Blogaversary Scavenger Hunt … And the Winner Is….

I had hoped for more responses to my Scavenger Hunt Contest.. but maybe I put too many questions on the list and y’all are too busy to dig through the blog looking for answers.  I did get a winner, someone who seems to have become a scholar on the subject of Butchtastic and was able to find all the answers, and cite the blog post she found them in…

For the benefit/amusement of all.. here is the winning entry, sent to me by my SexyLadyFriend:

1.  On what date did I first reference Roxy in a blog post, and what was the blog title?

  • 12.14.08, Where I stood

2.  What was Butches in the A.M.? Who were the cast members?

  • A TwitterCast, hosted by you and Natt Nightly, with assorted callers Audacia Ray, Debauched Diva, Smutty Steff, Freedom Grrrl, Dangerous Lilly, Leo Maccool, Hussyred (Butches in the AM… on twitter-radio,11.21.08; Butches in the A.M. enters 2009, 01.19.09)

3.  When was the first Suburban Butch Dad Report posted, and what was the subject?

  • 01.31.10. Subject: Suburbia, and The Exhausting List Of What You Do While Living There: “… my family, my love relationships, kink, homeowner stuff, networking with other parents, packing, furthering my career through various activities, learning more about D/s, writing-writing-writing and reading-reading-reading.”

4.  What the heck is ‘Cock Soup’?

  • The care and cleaning of toys. (Butches in the Kitchen: Cock Soup, 04.08.09)

5.  What blog provided the key inspiration for Butchtastic?

  • Sinclair’s blog, Sugarbutch (On Community, This One, 10.18.08)

6.  Where did Roxy and I meet?

  • On Twitter (our not so secret courtship, 01.20.09)

7. What is my favorite kind of liquor?

  • Your “preference is for porters” (Tagged! Seven facts, plus a few bonuses,10.17.08); you also appreciate Maker’s Mark (HNT: take a shot, 11.19.08)
  • The only not completely correct answer in this list… Porter is my preferred beer, to be certain, however, Tequila is my preferred liquor (Makers bourbon is always welcome, though)

8.  What did I post as my first HNT?

  • Your arm, while showing off your bicep (my first HNT, only a little late, 11.06.08)

9.  When did I post the first picture featuring my cleavage?

  • HNT: take a shot 11.19.08

10. What was the first picture I posted that was taken by Roxy?

  • Half-Nekki Thursday: my selves, 02.04.09

11. At what point did I come out as trans?

  • Transgender, or not? 04.04.10
  • The post title is correct, though it was posted 06.06.10… still gonna give her credit for it

12. Did I ever refer to myself as ‘she/her’ in a blog post?

  • In a comment (More than a game, 10.28.08); In a blog post (When I was a Boy, 11.20.08)

13.  How old is Spawn1? How about Spawn2?

  • Spawn1 is 13-almost-14 (10.17.08); Spawn2 is 4

14.  In terms of my life history, who is Jaz?

  • Your girlfriend from high school (Happy Anniversary, times two,10.14.08), for whom the name Kyle was chosen, as to keep her out of trouble with her parents (The way that she loves me, 12.20.08)

15.  Who originated Microfantasy Mondays?

  • Ang, the Sweltering Celt (Microfantasy Monday #1, 11.10.08)

16.  BONUS:  a correct answer here is worth two others – What was the title of my first published story and where was it published?


I think when it comes time to write my memoir, I’ll need to recruit SexyLadyFriend to help me remember my own life.  A signed copy of Salacious #2, The Voyeur issue goes to you my friend, as well as those gold stars you so richly deserve.

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