The Suburban Butch Dad Report: Wedding Day Approaches…

Ackkkk!!!!  Ackk!!!  OMG… !!!!

I have become one of THOSE PEOPLE, the people who get more and more stressed out as their wedding day approaches.. I am a Stressed Out Groom!!

In two days, two all too short days, I’ll wake up on the morning of my wedding day.  Months of planning and hard work will come to fruition.  Family and friends from all over will descend on our back yard to witness and celebrate our 20 years together and the start of our married life.

And I’m panicky as hell.

Not over getting married… over the party, and the weather and all the little details… you see, we’re having this shindig in our back yard.  Rain or shine, we said.  And now it looks like rain…  and and AND AND AA;LKWEN;LQWKEN;LQKWNE;NQWEL;N;WLEKNR;LKEWNR;LK!!!!!!!!!!!


*deep cleansing breath*  OK.. the rain won’t stop us from getting married.  It won’t stop us from celebrating it with our friends.  We have our fancy clothes, we have the stuff we need, we can do this…

especially if we can swing a last minute tent rental, or two.

But seriously, I’m sure once we’ve gotten through the weekend and have signed the appropriate forms and are wearing our new rings, I’ll find some funny anecdotes to share with you all but for now, I’m barely hanging on to my thin veneer of sanity.  I won’t be at work tomorrow, so I won’t have to pin my brain down for moments of focus and concentration on anything except the wedding.  I’m not sure if that will contribute to my sanity or insanity, frankly.

See you all on the other side of this…

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