I want you to…

I want you to breathe my name when my lips touch your neck

I want you to lean back and sigh when I wrap my arm around your shoulders

I want you to bite your lip, while I slide my hand up your thigh and rest my fingertips in your crease

I want you to grip my hand hard, digging your fingernails into me because you can’t stand to be in public any more

I want you to grab me by the hair and pull into hot kisses

I want you to talk dirty to me, under your breath, so you can see me blush and stammer when the waitress comes to take our order

I want you to play with the short hairs at the back of my neck, adjust my tie, brush imaginary crumbs off the front of my shirt

I want you to sneak a feel

I want you to know how much I want you, how hard you make me, how much I ache to take you right there, in that booth, over that table, anywhere, but make it soon

I want you to curse at your fingers for not unhooking my belt fast enough

I want you to breathe hot against my collar bone, moaning your desire while my fingers stroke the hot, wet insides of you

I want you to roam freely across the landscape of my body

I want you to relax under my hands and mouth and eyes as I explore the landscape of yours

I want you to see the wildness you awake inside me

I want you to want everything I have to give you, and I’ll give it… twice as hard, three times as sweet, four times as sexy as anything I’ve ever done before

I want you to accept my kisses, urgent and playful, tender and grateful, feverish and depraved

I want you to let go, to dive deep, to hold on to me as your last tether to the world, my finger on your urgent pulse

I want you to forget how speak in complete sentences, your desire eloquent in the grunts and moans, in the screaming, grasping, clenching din of climax

I want you to relax into me, let me hold you, release any moment beyond this one

I want you to

I want you



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