Friend:  So, you’ve got a date coming up?  Are you excited?

Me:  Yeah.. excited and nervous.. maybe a little terrified.

Friend:  What?  excited and nervous I can understand, but why terrified?

Me:  Well, I just want it to go well, you know?  I want her to like me, I want to like her…

Friend:  Hey, come on, man… she wants to see you, get ‘together’ with you, right?  So what’s to worry about?

Me:  Only a million things… that I won’t be as good as expected or that we won’t click, or.. plenty of things.

Friend:  You know what that means, bro?  Means you’re human… that’s a good thing…


OK, I’ll try to keep that in mind… I’m human and it’s OK to be human… chances are, she wants to date a human…

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2 Responses to Antici-date-tion

  1. neighbor femme says:

    Usually human is what we’re after. There is something exciting about a pulse that isn’t our own…

    *puts fingertips to neck* Phew! I’ve got a pulse, this is going to be awesome! – K

  2. Lyn says:

    Wonderful, living in this electronic age, where you can get some of the information ahead of time, unlike the “blind dates” of before… and it still doesn’t eliminate the delicious anticipation much at all. Not only do you have a pulse, but, when you think about this date, doesn’t it race? 🙂 Oh, this is going to be so much fun to witness from here, in virtual space…

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