Friend:  So, you’ve got a date coming up?  Are you excited?

Me:  Yeah.. excited and nervous.. maybe a little terrified.

Friend:  What?  excited and nervous I can understand, but why terrified?

Me:  Well, I just want it to go well, you know?  I want her to like me, I want to like her…

Friend:  Hey, come on, man… she wants to see you, get ‘together’ with you, right?  So what’s to worry about?

Me:  Only a million things… that I won’t be as good as expected or that we won’t click, or.. plenty of things.

Friend:  You know what that means, bro?  Means you’re human… that’s a good thing…


OK, I’ll try to keep that in mind… I’m human and it’s OK to be human… chances are, she wants to date a human…

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