More on My New Trans Narrative

A follow on thought relate to my last post….

One of the most familiar trans narratives is that of the person who is born into the wrong body, or feels trapped in the wrong body.  That narrative has been repeated over and over again by the media, which results in the general assumption by a lot of people – cis and trans – that this is the only story trans people have about who they are.  And it ain’t true, there are a whole lot more stories than that.

For example, my trans narrative isn’t that I am trapped in the wrong body, but that I have been trapped and limited by the expectations and assumptions of those around me.  This body I have is mine and I love it and it is home to me.  The issue isn’t that I live in this body, it’s that people see this body and make assumptions about me and who I am.  I’ve been told in various ways all my life who I can or cannot be based on this body.  My mom was concerned that I was too masculine as a child and tried to feminize me.  More recently, people have accused me of misogyny because I now claim my masculinity like the prodigal son it is and they see that as a statement against femaleness (mine or theirs).  Clearly, I can’t win if that’s the game I’m playing.  So I’m not playing anymore.

Hi, I’m Casey/Kyle and I was born in the right body, though I’ve been trapped in a lifetime of restrictive assumptions and expectations.

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