Let’s Get it On…

I was starting my work day and chatting with a friend this morning when things got hot.  I can’t even say ‘it started innocently enough” with a straight face, because it’s such a lie to say that either of us was feeling innocent.  There was a little virtual footsie, some dancing around the bush, but it wasn’t long, really before we fell headlong into hot and steamy sexting.

Last week I think it was, I told a friend or maybe a few, that I really missed sexy chat.  I have really, really missed it.  Missed the way it fires me up, revs my engines, increases my confidence.  And it’s a great way to dust off my erotic writing practice.  Plus, a sexy bout of chat gives me swagger.  I thought I’d have to do some searching.  I thought it might take a while, but this morning, there she was and there I was and we both wanted it.  Badly.  Painfully.

Once it started, we went to high flame pretty quickly.  I lead the dance initially, throwing out a high speed combination of nouns and verbs designed to wet her panties and leave her breathless.  It worked and she answered with her own barrage of sexiness, until I was painfully hard and more than damp.  It was like riding a bike, but the kind of bike that takes partnership, cooperation, collaboration.  Sexy, steamy, naughty collaboration.

We created a virtual world that held us both captive, it wasn’t hard to imagine her mouth, the press of her hips, her hands… I sat, almost immobile, hands poised on the keyboard while my butch cock throbbed and my heart pounded.  I wanted her to know exactly how it would feel to have my fingers slide into her, as I sucked on her tongue and rubbed my cock against her clit.  She let me know exactly how it would feel to have her kneel between my legs, taking all my cares and worries into her expert hands, and mouth.

The virtual fucking and sucking was a release and a torment at the same time.  I experienced one orgasm just sitting there, feeling the words in my body, the only touch coming from my mind.  But after, when I escaped to the bathroom, I reached into my briefs to relieve myself in a more direct way.  I slid a finger into my aching, wet hole and stroked my G-spot until I came, as quietly as I could, harsh panting breaths echoing against tiled walls.  Then, my cock swollen and crying out for attention, I jerked it off hard and fast, leaning against the wall to keep myself from falling over.

Only after that did I realize I hadn’t locked the door of the single-user bathroom I’d stepped into.

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42 Responses to Let’s Get it On…

  1. *breathes hard* Your writing does an excellent job (to my mind) of conveying your arousal. I can definitely see why you forgot to lock the door! Wow 🙂

    xx Dee

    Thank you so much 🙂 I appreciate your reviews, Dee — K

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  31. …and then I jumped in my car and hurtled over to her apartment.

    I wish! – K

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