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The Killer Wore Leather, by Laura Antoniou

Author of the celebrated (and totally hot) Marketplace series, Antoniou brings us her first murder mystery, a  murder mystery playing out at an international Leather contest, no less.

So what’s the story about?  I’m not going to spoil it for you but….

A well known and almost universally reviled Leather title holder is murdered and the hotel is full conference goers attending this year’s Leather competition, many of them potential suspects.  The lead detective on the case is a dyke, her new partner comes off as conservative and phobic, and one of her ex-girlfriends is at the conference and sparks begin to fly between them… yeah, that’s not awkward at all.  The larger than life Leather title contest is populated by larger than life characters, some of whom turn out to be almost as ordinary as the guy next door (and might be).  Not a bad set up for a murder mystery, but it gets better.  With each page, Laura Antoniou draws us deeper into the world of leather, kink, title contests, doms and subs, masters and slaves, leather, latex and play parties, Oh My!

It’s obvious Antoniou isn’t writing this from the outsider perspective, but she does a great job creating characters and viewpoints that are looking into this world from the outside.  With sharp wit and plenty of humor, she transforms her observations and experience into memorable characters and believable dialog.  Even as she’s skewering stereotypes and scene archetypes, her affection for those who live, love and play in Leather is obvious.

Twists and turns and misdirections are encountered along the way, as befits a well told mystery, along with several fun subplots to keep us entertained along the way.  We follow Detective Feldblum and her partner as they work to solve the case and along the way other truths are revealed.  One such reveal had me laughing out loud at the sheer unexpectedness of it, another had me chuckling for several pages.  These and other discoveries encountered on the way add a lot of depth and interest to the story and the world Antoniou has created in this book.  This shouldn’t be surprising, as she’s created an entirely believable universe in her Marketplace series.  That depth is part of what makes this story more than the usual murder mystery.  In fact, the way she weaves interesting characters in such a rich environment makes me hope for another story line involving Detective Feldblum.

I’d have thought that by page 300 or so of a 400 page novel, the list of suspects would have been narrowed down.  Instead, that’s when the possible suspect list increases.  The momentum builds up nicely to the climax, and we finally have our killer.  Very readable story, I’ll definitely recommend it to you and to any one else I know.  And I’ll read it again, because I know I missed a bunch of great hints along the way.

Favorite characters… Detectives Feldblum and Costa (the latter surprised me in the best way), Slave Bitsy (stole every scene she was in), the Boys Jack (want to take them both back to my hotel room).  Several favorite scenes but I’m keeping them to myself so as not to spoil it for you.

About the book…

You can get it at Cleis Press for $15.95, Amazon for $9.32 (Kindle) or $14.46 (paperback), and Barnes and Noble for $16.37.

The Killer Wore Leather earns 5 boots for great characters, excellently told story, unexpected twists and turns, fun dialog …  My recommendation is if you like mysteries, get the book.  If you are into the Leather scene, get the book.  If you are kinky, into D/s, into BDSM, scene sometimes… get the book.  If you know how to read, get the book.





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