And Another Thing… Keep Moving!

Getting physical feels good emotionally and mentally.  As much as I know that, I keep forgetting to actually get my body in motion when I’m feeling like shit.

Any movement is helpful, walking, bike riding, stretching (stretching and breathing are really good, whether you do yoga or not) but for me, it’s even better when the movement is connected to a project I want to complete.  I’ve been doing loads of work in my yard, weeding, clearing out dead branches, planting a garden and flowers, refreshing the look of the paradise I am lucky to live in.  That physical work is especially good when I’m feeling helpless, hopeless and lost in emotional mire.  Being able to sweat freely, get dirty, and make something happen for the better has a definite positive impact.  And I usually have a small person with me, ‘helping’ sometimes or making sure I take frequent breaks to push her on the swing.

So for members of my support team, :-), if I get all down in the dumps grumpy, remind me to get outside and get moving.  Thank you.   And don’t forget to do that for yourselves, too.

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