Coming Up For Air

Though I have been going through a lot of hard stuff lately, it’s not all gloom and doom, so let’s lighten it up with some of the good things happening in my life:

  • I’m starting therapy today and although some people would approach that appointment with some dread or nervousness, I’m really looking forward to it.  I am primed and ready to get to work on pretty much everything and keep advancing on my journey to a healthier and happier me.
  • I have a geek meeting tonight, which is very cool because I love getting my geek on.
  • Later tonight, I get to hang out with Neighbor Femme.  I have a way overdue birthday present for her and we have tons of catching up to do.
  • I am attempting to instigate some karaoke socializing with friends for Friday night.
  • Saturday is soccer and a Pizza Klatch facilitator training on Transgender topics (really looking forward to this)
  • Also Saturday, my wife is heading east to her hometown to visit with friends and take her mom out for Mother’s day.  Me and the kids will be spending lots of quality time together .  OK, who am I fooling, the teenager will try to spend as little time as possible interacting with me and the smaller one.  The smaller one will be on me the entire time….
  • … and that is why I’m so glad my buddy Elijah is coming over Saturday evening to hang out a bit… much needed buddy time.
  • Sunday … garden time, hanging with my small one, hopefully the big one will make some kind of special breakfast so I don’t have to… or even any breakfast so I don’t have to 🙂

brotherly love….

I posted something to one of my Facebook pages about doing karaoke on Friday and my little brothers, Nick and Elijah, both commenced with the mockery.  Apparently, they both only go to karaoke to laugh at the people trying to sing.  I threw it back, saying that they had nothing to say unless they came to see and hear me.  And if they wanted to laugh at me after that, I’d buy them a beer.

Naaa… I wouldn’t.  I’d beat the crap out of them.  It’s the brotherly thing to do.


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