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When I was getting started as a butch erotic writer and sex blogger, I only knew about Sugarbutch Chronicles, written by the now very well-known, Sinclair Sexsmith.  I was blown away by the idea of butch-sourced erotic writing and not long after Butchtastic was born as a place where I could experiment and expose my own erotic product.

Not long after that I became aware of Holden and Natt, of Packing Vocals and NattNightly.  Four of us, four butch identified writers who were contributing  highly enjoyable stories to any who could find us and appreciate what we were doing.  Natt in particular wrote prose that made me cry in frustration over my own work.  I was very sad when NattNightly closed down.

Packing Vocals is no more either, Holden moved over to Trans Vocals but hasn’t blogged past his first post.

I thought it was just Sinclair and I left.  I know about a lot of butch identified bloggers, many have come and gone from the blogosphere, but only a rare few write about the ecstatic mess that is sex.  Then someone tipped me off to a blogger named BD Swain.  I’ve read two posts so far.  Hot, hawt, HOT.. and a wonderful addition to the short list.

And, as far as I know, that’s how short it is.  I know there are butch identified erotica writers, I’ve read their stuff in anthologies and I’m sure there are others I don’t know about.  But blogging, throwing it out there for free, apparently that’s rare.  So here’s my request to you, if you know about other butch blogging erotic smut word slingers, wouldja please let me know?  And, knowing there are just a few of us, I will do my best to uphold my share of the responsibility.




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