Presenting at Gender Odyssey

Early last week, I received an email from Gender Odyssey telling me that my workshop proposal had been accepted.  The mystery was that I’d submitted two proposals and didn’t know which workshop they’d opted for.  I inquired about it and the answer was that my parenting related workshop had been accepted, but that they were still in the process of sending out confirmations.

Later that afternoon, I got the second acceptance, for my writing related workshop.  And so it is that I will be leading two workshops this year at Gender Odyssey 2013.  Which means I need to get out of the draft phase on both of them.  By which I mean, I need to actually create the workshops.

Wanted:  Your Stories

We hear stories about transgender and gender non-conforming people, sexual outlaws and line-crossers of all kinds through media and social interactions almost every day.  Sometimes, we can find glimmers of truth in those stories, more often those people and experiences are packaged and polished, told through the lens of bias, ignorance and scandal.  That’s what we’re getting, but what we crave is authenticity and connection, we want stories about people we can relate to, told by those people.  That’s why somewhere in the world, right now, someone is looking for you and your stories.

This session is part writing workshop, part call to action.  No writing experience necessary!  We’ll do a couple of casual writing exercises, with very few rules.  And we’ll brainstorm about getting our stories into the world and how to network to find mentors and role models, allies and co-conspirators.

 Gender Aware Parenting

Parenting is amazing, challenging, exhausting, satisfying, frightening… all that and more.  For transgender and gender non-conforming parents, all of the usual parenting challenges exist, plus additional ones that relate to teaching our children to be gender intelligent and open-minded about sexuality in an overwhelmingly rigid, gender binary world.  Whether you’ve been parenting for years, have just started or hope to be a parent in the future, come to this workshop to share your hard won parenting wisdom or take advantage of the experienced folks in the room and ask questions.  In addition to what we share in our discussion, there will be printed materials with some pointers on becoming a parent, as well as some of the online resources you can make use of along the way.  Open to transgender and gender non-conforming parents and parents to be, their partners, co-parents and others interested in gender aware parenting.


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