Kissing Freckles

She was draped along my left side, our bodies damp from repeated attempts to defy gravity.  She lifted her head off my arm to kiss it along the bicep crease. I made as if to move but she said “no, don’t” and gave me a couple more quick kisses. I giggled when she reached the tickly place near my armpit. Not to be dissuaded, she kept going, leaving random pattern of kisses across my collar bone.

“Mmm, that feels good.” I sighed, my skin began to pink up as my blood rose.

“I’m kissing your freckles.”

“All of them?” I raised my eyebrows, I was nearly covered in freckles.  I imagined endless hours of her mouth on my skin, which brought immediate concern on my part.  Would I be able to hold still for that long?

“Mostly the ones that don’t get as much attention”  She began to search around with her eyes in an exaggerated way.

“Like this one” kissing a spot on the underside of my breast. “That one doesn’t get nearly enough attention.”

I sighed again. Her mouth’s proximity to my nipple made me squirm a little.  I wasn’t sure I had a freckle there, but I wasn’t going to argue.  I pointed to a spot on the other side of my breast. “How about over here?”

She snickered. “Hmmmm, I don’t see it, that one must be very small.” But she planted a kiss there anyway.

As she pulled away, she managed to brush my nipple with her cheek, not accidentally, I’m sure.

“How about this one?” My fingertip circled my now crinkled aureole. “It’s a big one.”

Her laugh was low and husky, “ahh yes. This one. A very big freckle indeed. It gets a lot of attention, love, but it always seems to want more.”

I moaned and arched my back in response as she engulfed me in her warm mouth.  Her lips and tongue worked first one nipple, then the other, into steel-hard peaks while her fingers slid down to where my sex was pulsing and wet for her.  As she slid in hot and fast, my ass came up off the bed and I was soaring with the eagles and roaring with the lions.  With expert accuracy, she fondled, flicked, tapped and tickled my G, H, I, J and OMIGOD spots, while I orbited the moon, then Mars, then ranged out into a universe of fuse blowing pleasure.

Afterward, her fingers still draped across my mound, occasionally pulling a fingertip across my clit, I pulled her close and pressed my lips against her ear.

“Baby” I murmured, toying with her earlobe, “I had no idea there were freckles all up in there.”

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