Google Decides to Shit on Bloggers… Announces Upcoming Death of Reader

If you are someone who uses Google Reader regularly to keep up with this and other blogs, you’ve probably already gotten the notice from Google that they’ll be terminating the Reader as of July 1st.  After 7 years of steadfast, trouble-free service, they’re gonna pull the plug.

To me that’s a big “Fuck You” to blog readers as well as those of us who provide blog content.  Not to mention the folks who were getting around their country’s internet censorship by using the Reader.  In the wake of this odious announcement, all kinds of posts have sprung up across the bloggoverse and social media with lists of possible replacements.  I am still comparing the candidates and will probably move to something in the next month or so.

How about you?  Will you go with a replacement or find some other way to keep up with blogs.. or, pleasedon’t, will you stop tracking blogs?  This is what scares bloggers like me.  We’re scared that all this unpleasantness will result in less people reading our words and for a writer like me, well, that’s like having a little bit of my virtual lifeblood drained from me.

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s already made the jump — which service did you choose and how has the transition gone.  I’ll post my experiences here as well, so that anyone who’s on the fence about transferring current rss lists can have some idea about the pain threshold of this whole procedure.  I really hope you, yes you, will keep me on your list and keep coming back to read and comment.

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