Cleaning Out My Pockets

Tonight my family and I will be flying out to Florida for spring break.  We’ll be in the Cocoa Beach – Melbourne area staying with my not-inlaws, getting pool time, beach time and time with my wife’s relatives (both sides of her family represented).  It’s always prudent to empty one’s pockets before going through security, so here goes:

I’ve decided to temporarily get off the short-story-writing-submitting-to-anthologies ride in favor of concentrating on two other writing projects:  creating my first e-book and working on my novel.  That doesn’t mean I won’t write a short story here and there, in fact, I will be writing at least one original short for the e-book, but it means I’m not going to tie myself to the submission deadline schedule.

Related to that, I have a provisional title for my novel:  Guys Like Us.  While hanging out with Elijah and Nick the other night, we got to talking about how reading Stone Butch Blues had impacted each of us.  For me it was partly a history lesson and, even more, an affirmation.  We all could relate to so much of what the main character had gone through, from birth onward.  Seeing a part of your story in a novel like that is a big deal.  We bemoaned the lack of other novels that struck that same chord for us.  And I said, “That’s why I’m writing my novel” to which both of them responded enthusiastically.  There are short stories, anthologies of essays and other places where stories of butch gender-non-conforming people can be found, but there’s something about a novel that gets you at a deeper level.  And that’s part of why I’m doing it.  Guys Like Us.

What else is going on?  I’m reading a few books right now.  I’ve finished Rye and am working on my review.  I’m reading Wool by Hugh Howey, recommended by Ang, and I’m totally sucked in.   Love well written sci fi so much.  I’ve started reading The Killer Wore Leather by Laura Antoniou for fun and review.  I also have a couple of other books on my Kindle that I haven’t started yet:  Brace Yourself, a Collection of Short Stories by Alysia Angel and Golden Brothers, a Tale of Alien Sex, Love and War by sts.  I love having so many good things to read.

On the geek front, I’m learning node.js and will be teaching my boss all about it after June (it’s kind of an extra credit project, my boss is a total geek, too).  My work project is going pretty well, after pushing hard for about 3 months, the UI layer – my contribution – looks really good and works well.  Now we do a bunch of demos for people outside our group and get ready for testing.

That’s it for now.   Catch up with y’all later.




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