Cleaning Out My Pockets

Before I head out of town and out of internet range for the weekend, I should empty my pockets and do a few updates.

  • Illness Update:  I’m finally well again.  I got a flu virus right after I got my flu vaccine.  Then I almost started feeling better again and WHAM! I got hit by a bacterial infection that got into my chest, sinuses, etc.  Now, after a course of antibiotics and all the joy those bring, I’m finally feeling, well, normal… if that word can even be applied to me.  Relatively normal, I guess.
  • Story Prompt Contest:   The winner is… the prompt offered by Lily — “She has a mug that’s cracked but she just won’t throw it away.”  This prompt is begging to have a story written from it.  That means Lily will get a free copy of the e-book I promise I’m going to publish… (the whole being sick thing really f**cked things up around here)
  • Ask Kyle Anything:  I got exactly one question (the rest of you are slackers!), from Roxy and I will be answering that once I get back into the normal flow. (hahahahah!  Normal flow, you say that like it’s a thing you actually know about).  While I’m gone, maybe some of you will also come up with good questions for me to answer…. come one, there must be something you’re dying to know.
  • Gender Odyssey proposals:  got them both in before the deadline and now waiting for responses.
  • Upcoming books, reading and reviewing:  still reading Rye for review.  I am going to get a copy of Laura Antoniou’s The Killer Wore Leather, a mystery, because I want to read it and will likely review it as well.  I will also be reviewing and blurbing Everett Maroon’s  “YA time travel novel about a trans kid w/epilepsy” when ARCs are available in a couple of months, and probably recruit my daughter to read and review as well.  And Amy Butcher’s book, Paws for Consideration, another mystery.
  • Poly update:  I’m still poly, though it’s more of a theoretical poly at the moment since I’m not intimately involved with anyone but my primary partner (Mrs. Kyle).  I’m doing a bit of soul searching, reformatting, getting my shit together before I launch myself back out into the market again, so to speak.  Until then, me and Mr. Hitachi are taking care of any stray sexual needs that come up.  Roxy and I are still best friends, still love each other deeply, and still very much involved in each other’s lives.  Also still working out what it all means and how it all works.  But mostly, it works pretty well and we’re both very grateful for each other.
  • This Weekend:  In another 24 hours, I’ll be in my cabin, where I’ll be able to hear the surf pounding not so far away, hopefully pounding on my keyboard a bit before passing out.  I’m working a full day, coming home to get my things and kiss my family and then heading out.    There is a library open on Saturday with wifi access, so I might walk down there for a bit to catch up on things… or not.  I find that once I get into the offline mode, it’s not so hard to stay there.  Love you all, have a great time and I’ll catch up with you next week.
  • Next Week:  I’ll be suffering from Writing Weekend drop and will probably need a lot of cheering up.. so think about that, will you?  😉

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