Attitude Transplant: Time to Be Awesome

In the post about my weekend away, I talked about how down and depressed, unhealthy and sick of it all I was and that I found a way to turn it all around.  Here’s what happened.

After spending almost a year depressed, emotionally distraught and unhealthy, especially after breaking out in fucking hives while off on my special weekend alone, I decided it was time to ditch that shit and get on with life.  I decided, on the eve of my birthday, to do something even more radical than an attitude adjustment.  I decided to have a complete attitude transplant.

What does that mean?  It means that I decided to start being awesome.  Every day.  I decided to stop letting things happen to me and start making things happen.  Things I want to have happen.  I’ve been letting emotions drag me down, making me physically ill and I’m done with that shit.

My new regime of self talk is to tell myself that I’m going to be awesome today.  Not that the day will be necessarily be awesome, I don’t always have control over that.  However, regardless of outside pressure, I am going to be awesome. I start the day by telling myself that as many times as it takes until I stop squirming or looking for an out.

It’s either this or going through life like a magnet for bad energy, depression and sucky health.  Doesn’t mean I won’t have days when I’m sad, or angry or frustrated, just means I’m done with that attitude being the boss of me.

Time to be Awesome.

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