“Plus, He’s Hung…”

Earlier on Facebook:

Kyle Jones: a mere 150 words for a session description/marketing pitch/come on …. trying to squish my passion and excitement into a very small space

Roxy: “An hour with this hot hunk o’ sexy. Don’t miss it.”

Kyle Jones: oh goood lord, honey!

Roxy: “Plus he’s hung”

Roxy: 14 words. Easy, peasy.

Kyle Jones: you stinker

Kyle Jones: I’m not giving a ‘fuck Kyle workshop’

Roxy: Wait – why not?

Kyle Jones: oh baby

Kyle Jones: it’s not THAT kind of conference…

Roxy: Ok, fine. “Kyle is very smart and he knows gendery stuff. Come to this workshop and you’ll know gendery stuff, too.”

Roxy: “Plus, he’s hung.”

Kyle Jones: well, shit.. now I just want to add ‘plus, he’s hung’ to all my bios

Roxy: It’s a serious oversight if you haven’t been already.

Kyle Jones: sweetheart, should I just have you do all my bios?

Roxy: Duh.

Kyle Jones: LOFL

Kyle Jones: … “gendery stuff” *snicker*

Kyle Jones: a workshop on gendery stuff and fucking, two things I know a lot about… come on in, y’all!

Kyle Jones: actually, I could just say ‘A workshop on gender fuckery’ and I’d have it

Roxy: “Plus, he’s hung.”

Kyle Jones: HA!!!

Kyle Jones: “That’s what she says…”


By this point we were literally laughing our heads off, frightening cats (her) and getting weird looks from the other people in the room (me).  Oh, and LOFL?  Lying on the floor laughing, because at my age rolling on the floor is just too painful, plus I’m still recovering from the bastard from hell flu that has been trying to steal my life force.

And this, my friends, is what a play date looks like, a play date between two people still very much in love, despite changes in how they express that love.  There are still so many ways to say “I love you, I value you, you are so much fun I want to pee my pants” and every day, I am reminded of how good she is for me, how much more emotionally healthy and happy I am with her in my life.   Thanks for the fun play time, baby 🙂

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