Simple Pleasures

I apologize for not filling your feed with insight and sexy stories lately, but I’m going through a bit of a rough patch (I know, again).  I’m really working on simplifying things for myself, concentrating on what I have and how fortunate I am in my life.  And I’m working to integrate more simple pleasures into my life.  For me that means reading a book or magazine article while sitting in my comfy recliner.  Or reading stories to my small one while she snuggles happily on my lap.  Or just taking a moment to sit without expectation or guilt and do nothing.

Also, naps, naps are a simple pleasure I want more of.  Also, conversations with friends who understand and love me.  Also, my hair, I’m really loving my hair these days.

What are your simple pleasures?  What fills your bucket and gives you that sense of satisfaction and happiness about life?

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6 Responses to Simple Pleasures

  1. Amber says:

    Today I bought some simple pleasures at the Walmarts before the thin layer of ice hardens over North Carolina and causes everything to shut down. While everyone else was rushing the bread and milk, I walked surely and confidently – and pretty much alone – with a smile on my face to pick up some cheese puffs and brownie mix. I know what’s important.

    That’s awesome, Amber! Yes, in the face of crisis you need to know what’s important – I probably would have stocked up on Diet Coke, my favorite beer and dark chocolate — K

  2. Ricki says:

    Okay, Kyle. I couldn’t resist chiming in. (I like what Amber wrote. It’s mighty cold in Maine, too. So it’s good to score at the store, before being slammed by snow.) I’d second the Diet Coke (we’re hopelessly hooked), and I’d swap the dark for milk chocolate. I’d probably pick up a few foreign flicks, and maybe a good book. Naps are a necessity during winter hibernation. BTW: I’m hating my hair lately, it’s growing out in a weird way. “Sexy stories and insights” are always appreciated, but posts like this are also important.

    Maybe you need to get adventurous with your hair? Do something new and fun? I’m a nap hound, it’s been my goal for years to create a schedule that allows me to take a nap in the afternoon. I often slip out to the parking lot to sit in my truck for 20 minutes, even that small amount is a great mental reset, but often leaves me wanting more. — K

  3. Charlie says:

    Smelling flowers at the nursery. Playing with my friends’ dogs. Buzzing the sides and back of my hair if I need a simple fix. Sporting some bocce or football. Even watching another flick with my friends.

    Those are great bucket fillers. I can certainly relate to hair cutting/trimming bring a sense of well-being. I love hair cut day, it’s kinda silly, but I really do -K

  4. Roxy Jones says:

    Poetry, photography, beautiful pictures. Chocolate, coffee, cheese that makes my face pucker. Neighborhood cats, egrets, National Geographic videos.



    My blue silk robe.

    Great list 🙂 makes me feel warm and cozy just reading it – K

  5. Connor says:

    Baking bread (I’m a baker, still love it), crusty loaves from the oven, it never gets old. Napping is good, also finding new hair!! my T levels are climbing and I’m finding I have a moustache in the making!

    Snow and the quiet noise it makes while I’m reading.

    oh, snow quiet.. I love that. Got a little over Christmas break up at my parent’s new place. I love how common the hair thing is, and right on for your mustache. Without T, my mustache and beard are present and visible but never gonna reach the furriness my trans guy friends achieve. –K

  6. LG says:

    Sometimes acknowledging the little things helps me ease through rough patches a little more gracefully. Stuff I’m really digging right now: home-cooked meals, an unexpected nap, good coffee, a neighborhood walk with no particular destination, and a new scarf I got over the holidays.

    Oh, yeahhhh… unexpected naps are such a treat. Unhurried walks are awesome, too. My wife feeds me so well I’m going to have to start doing something a little more than unhurried walks, but I love the food she makes — K

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