Simple Pleasures

I apologize for not filling your feed with insight and sexy stories lately, but I’m going through a bit of a rough patch (I know, again).  I’m really working on simplifying things for myself, concentrating on what I have and how fortunate I am in my life.  And I’m working to integrate more simple pleasures into my life.  For me that means reading a book or magazine article while sitting in my comfy recliner.  Or reading stories to my small one while she snuggles happily on my lap.  Or just taking a moment to sit without expectation or guilt and do nothing.

Also, naps, naps are a simple pleasure I want more of.  Also, conversations with friends who understand and love me.  Also, my hair, I’m really loving my hair these days.

What are your simple pleasures?  What fills your bucket and gives you that sense of satisfaction and happiness about life?

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