Butchtastic Won a Golden Kitty

GK2012I was notified recently that Butchtastic has been awarded a Golden Kitty by the Lesbian Lounge in the category of Best Alternative Blog/Site featured on their show.  The Lesbian Lounge with Denise and Donna (“Double D”) can be found at MyLesbianRadio.  The 5th Annual Golden Kitty Awards show aired on January 9th and can be found, with all their other episodes, at LesbianLounge on iTunes, or MyLesbianRadio.podbean.com.  I was surprised to receive an award, considering the show featuring Butchtastic had only aired a week before.


My eternally golden gratitude to Denise and Donna for featuring this blog and for the big helpings of praise they served up.  Thank you and keep on doing what you do!

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