Butchtastic gets a Shout Out from Lesbian Lounge

Last Wednesday, I was pleasantly surprised by some tweets from @LesbianLounge announcing that Butchtastic would be featured on their podcast, airing that afternoon.

I didn’t get to listen to it until Thursday, when it was uploaded.  The podcast features two best friends on either side of the pond, Denise and Donna.  It also features a lot of talk about shit, literally, more talk about bowel movements that I’ve every heard in a podcast.  At any rate, they clearly have fun and they communicate that fun to the audience.  This podcast had them talking about their New Year’s Eve antics.  From around minute 2:04 to about 2:10 they talk about Butchtastic, reading almost all of my About page (though they oddly say I’m from Michigan State, when it clearly says Washington), and one of the hostesses begins to gush a lot about the blog, and my eyes (see masthead) and they click around and talk about the stuff on my blog.

I listened to this while at work and blushed like a schoolboy.  Thank you D & D, I am very flattered.  Check out My Lesbian Radio for more info and features.


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