Suburban Butch Dad Report: Teenager in the House

Today is my Elder Spawn’s 13th birthday.  She is officially a teenager today, but she’s been exhibiting teen behaviors for a while.  She has all the normal pain-in-the-butt attributes of teendom  but she’s also pretty cool.  She has proven herself trustworthy and loyal to her friends, has a lovely diverse group of them, boys and girls, mostly on the geeky side.  I see a lot of myself in her, we have a very close relationship that I sometimes have to push aside in order to assert my parentishness (parentlyness?  parenthoodliness?) and bring down the discipline.

She’s a good kid, and though she is a butthead to us sometimes other adults think she’s awesome.  She recently received an award from school, one of about 30 kids singled out by teachers and staff.  They were basically citizenship awards, hers was based on her positive, cheerful attitude and willingness to work hard and not complain (her Mama and I were sitting there thinking, we’d love to see that at home too, please).

I like her, I think she’s a really cool kid and a fantastic person and she’s going to be an awesome adult.  Happy teenagerhood, my (formerly) wee Spawn.  I love you.

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