Sinclair’s series on Poly, my contribution

In case you haven’t tuned into the poly interview series Sinclair is running on Sugarbutch Chronicles, you really should.  Every post is wisdom gleaned from a different person’s own experience, so the posts are high on practical and realistic, low on theoretical.

Anyhow, my contribution is up, along with a list of others that grows every day – Open Relationship Mini Interview: It Can All Change.

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One Response to Sinclair’s series on Poly, my contribution

  1. meridith says:

    I wanted to say here – since I didn’t there – that I really appreciated your contribution. For me, it stood out from the others (which seem to be a blend of I was always this way and yes it’s hard but I’m a better person for it) by being well written and being less about platitudes and more about detailed observations. I think folks that read Sinclair’s blog come from a starting place where they already get that poly is hard and fulfilling and not for everyone so it was nice to see a mini interview that didn’t just reiterate the same thing.

    Thank you, Meridith 🙂 it is very nice to hear that my contribution was not only well written but somewhat unique. Thanks for letting me know it was meaningful to you – K

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