Micro Fantasy: What’s the Femme Cooking Up Now?

The Femme picks up her big wooden spoon and stirs the bubbling, steaming contents of her soup kettle.  Taking an experimental sniff, she knows the base of her special stew is ready.  Now for the interesting ingredients, the magical stuff that will set it apart from other soups.

Her eyes scan the spice shelves until she finds the bottle marked “Slugs and Snails and Puppy-Dog Tails”.  She spoons a good helping into the pot, smiling as the contents hiss and burble, the smell of mud pies and boy funk rising from the pot.  Next she adds a few shakes from the bottle marked ‘Belt Leather’ and liberally splashes Old Spice over the surface.  A deep rumble can be heard from the pot now and a smell that reminds her of a leather easy chair pleasantly rises.

She laughs wickedly as she finishes it off with a drop of this and a shake of that, a few pinches of something that makes her cackle with delight.  Her big wooden spoon makes it’s rounds, ensuring all is blended well.  Now, all it needs is time and to be served to her special guests.

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