Butchtastic Shout-Outs! Easy Abby, Owldolatrous, Awkward Queers and more

Here are a few projects I think deserve your love and support, please check them out!

Web series fun… Easy Abby - Every day she’s learning how to make love more difficult

My friend Wenjo Carlton, who brought us Jamie and Jesse Are Not Together and directed Hannah Freeh, has a new project for us to enjoy:  Easy Abby.  This is a web series, the first episode is up now, with more on the way.

The director of Hannah Free and Jamie & Jessie are Not Together (Wendy Jo Carlton) and Chicago actor Lisa Cordileone are creating a smart sexy lesbian web series in Chicago called “Easy Abby”. It’s like a lesbian Nurse Jackie but funnier!

We just launched a fundraising campaign so we can finish the editing and soundtrack design for this 14-Episode Season One! “Easy Abby” will be streamed around the world and will provide a funny provocative queer feminist voice that we sure do need more of!

Abby has an anxiety disorder that is only soothed by seducing women. She has never been in love and doesn’t want to be! It’s like David Lynch meets Jane Lynch!

I love this because my friend is making it and because it’s good.  I watched the first episode the other day and I’m already totally sucked into the stories.  The characters are real, the dialog is snappy, fun and believable.  Doesn’t hurt the actors are very easy on the eyes, either.  Please check out episode one and consider contributing toward the project through indigogo, so that we can see and be entertained by all 14 episodes.

From web series to webzines….  Owldolatrous

Blog friend Nezu has a new job, managing editor and contributing writer for Owldolatrous, a journal devoted to being a source of analysis and inspiration for LGBTQ people and their friends:

Owldolatrous (owl-dol-uh-truhs) is simply a fusion of “owl” and “idolatrous.” Owls have always symbolized wisdom and transformation. Those of us who have gone through a transformation, whether it be religious, gender-based, or the transformation of coming out, know the wisdom it can bring, along with the pain.

There is a long tradition in religions all over the world, including Christianity, of seeking after wisdom in faith. Faith and reason weren’t always in opposition, as it seems they so often are today. The word Owldolatrous serves to remind me that God asks us to seek for wisdom, not have it handed to us.

They are accepting submissions, they’ve got some interesting content up already, so check them out.

… let’s get into some butch fashion with Saint Harridan…

Saint Harridan is a brand new line of men’s clothing designed to fit women and transmen.  They began their Kickstarter on November 23rd, and they’re having a contest to choose models.





And if the thought of shopping for menswear gives you a case of the nerves, there’s a great video showing how to find out your size for men’s button down shirts (I’m a 16.5″ 32/33, non-fitted, in case anyone wants to know)…


… to more publications… The Misadventures of Awkward Queers

Call for Submissions:

The Misadventures of Awkward Queers is a zine exploring our queer journeys and misadventures into the world of Awkwardness.

Issue 1 was released on 1st September and now we want to start collecting submissions for the 2nd issue.

We want your Awkward stories, adventures, misadventures, anecdotes or advice. The moments you wished you’d forgotten, those that make you laugh hysterically, the sad ones, the raunchy ones, the would have and could have beens. Come and embrace your awkwardness and share share share…

We welcome many mediums of expression, including but not limited to collage,short stories poetry, silkscreens, comics, photos, prose and illustration

Deadline : February 11th 2013

please email : awkwardqueers[at]gmail.com, or visit http://awkwardqueers.blogspot.de/,  and also join our facebook page.

Issue 1 is available now as pdf please send an email to the above address for a copy ……

And another call for submissions… The Flesh Made Word

The Flesh Made Word is an erotic anthology about the act of writing, and of being written upon. Old typewriters, the tattooist’s pen, the press of fountain-pen nib to flesh. The sensuality of the words themselves, both the sound and the shape of them. The clack of typewriter keys and the shuffle-clank of the printing press. The intersection of the expression of the idea and the physicality of the body. The transformation or transcendence of the flesh through written language.

Call for Submissions from Circlet Press: The Flesh Made Word: Erotic Tales About Writing
Edited by Bernie Mojzes
Deadline: March 1, 2013


… and now that we’re warmed up, we can head over to Sugarbutch Chronicles and check out a series of virtual interviews Sinclair Sexsmith is doing on the topic of polyamory.  Born of her own exploration into polyamory and curiosity about how other people do it, Open Relationship Mini Interviews….  If you’re interested in contributing, send MrSexmith[at]gmail.com an email.  My contribution will show up at some point, in the meantime, I’ve been enjoying the wonderful diversity of approaches to open relationships represented so far.

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