Four Years Ago Tonight #WhenKyleMetRoxy

Yes, that’s right, four years ago on the night of November the 12th, @butchtastickyle tipped his hat to @sroxy for the first time.  This evening of flirtation started our love affair.  Back then, our twitter world felt cozy and familiar, there was a group of folks who regularly socialized there and my friendship circle was expanding at a nice, knowable pace.  One night, a regular acquaintence of mine introduced someone new to me, and said she would be in charge for the rest of the evening.  (we had this cute ritual of passing the torch like that).  I thought, “in charge, huh?  let’s see about that”

What followed was a rapid series of exploratory flirtations that would kindle an intense friendship that would burst into passionate flames very rapidly.  It was not uncommon for onlookers to report 3rd degree burns after only a few tweets of exposure.

Four years ago on Twitter, Kyle met Roxy… were you there?


(Hey, baby, I love you and it’s still very intense… so glad we both found each other on Twitter that night.. thank goodness for mutual friends 🙂

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