Song Dedication

I heard a new song today, new to me anyway, on a new album newly imported into my iPod. It made me think of her, of easier times, happier times, before reality crashed our party.  The singer was making promises, the kind I want to make, the kind I did make.  The promises I broke.  Beautiful song, well written, well sung, ended with tears in my eyes.

It’s the kind of song I would have happily dedicated to her, once upon a time, back when the fairy tale still had shine, before it got trampled under the jackboots of legal proceedings and distance.  Now it would feel like hypocrisy to dedicate it to her, a song promising to be there, no matter what, to always be there for her.  It’s not that I don’t want to be there for her, it’s that I can’t and I wasn’t.

Goddamn, life is a bitch sometimes.

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