Reviewing Cruising, edited by Shane Allison


Edited by Shane Allison

Cruising For the Best Sex of Your Life

Homemade glory holes in a stall wall, steamy shower trysts, truck stop rendezvous…According to Gaybie award-winning editor Shane Allison, “There’s nothing that gets the adrenaline flowing and the muscle throbbing like public sex.”

As soon as I opened this book, I knew I was going to like it.  A Lot.  It’s a book filled with  cruising and anonymous gay hook-ups… which means, for me, it’s a book filled with happy endings.  Night after night of happy endings.

As you flip the pages, the writers take you from high school blow-job boys, to college glory holes, to mostly deserted rest areas, convenience stores, the streets of New York City to the latrines of Paris, to the parks of London.  I recognized more than a couple of scenarios from my personal wank bank.  That’s pretty hot, to see your favorite fantasy written expertly for endless future reference.

It may not be your cup of tea, or tea room as the case may be, but I am a longtime fan of gay male porn and erotica.  And when I say I’m a fan, I mean, I have lots of happy endings.

Some favorite stories from the compilation:

First up to bat, School Queer by Bob Vickery… hot, dirty, sexy, high school studs and their Saturday blowjob date with the school queer.  Great writing and a very hot story that I will return to.

My very favorite comes up second, Keeper by Jeff Mann.  The action commences at a truck stop with a Bear and a Cub… need I say more?  This is my choice for best writing in the collection — tight, suspenseful, definitely the darkest story line, it’s not meant to end well, but I won’t spoil it for you by saying more.  I was hooked right away by the setting — ‘the truck stop’ is the site of many, many of my very favorite and productive wank bank scenarios.

I also really like Jonah and The Whale, by Aaron Travis.  Older man takes younger man on for sex and training… starts quickly with great narration and hot sequences throughout.

By far the weirdest, most unexpected story was Little Shop of Hummers by Gregory L. Norris… and yes, it does borrow a bit from Little Shop of Horrors.  I’m not gonna say more, you just have to read it to see what I mean.

There was only one story that didn’t do it for me, but all the rest got me off, sometimes more than once during the reading.  Most of the situations are familiar to me from all the smut reading I’ve done, but a few are more original in their settings, characters and voice.  This is all good writing, but some rise above and had me admiring them not just for the tent in my briefs, but for the craft their authors employed.

This is a great collection for dirty gay sex erotica fans and if that describes you, add this to your collection.  You won’t be sorry.

Four out of Five Butchtastic Boots for Cruising, which you can get through major booksellers, or through Cleis Press for $14.95.





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