Emotion by Committee

Somewhere deep inside, we gather in a cuddle huddle, hanging on to each other, weathering another emotional storm.  We’re all there, the littles and the bigs, the wise patient sad voices and the young idealistic ones, the solid citizens and the rogues.

One small voice rises to say what we are all thinking, “Will it always hurt like this?”

The group pulls in tighter, feeling the raw ache in multiple

One of the older ones asks, in a tired, loving voice, “Will we always love the way we do?”

A pause while we all think in the ways each of us do.  When we love we throw ourselves into it with all we have, we’re all in, no reserves.  Could we do it differently and still be who we are?

One rogue voice begins to wax poetic about the draw of the open road, leaving the hurt behind and letting the asphalt unfold ahead of us.  We could be anyone we wanted to be, no one would know who we were, it would be the ultimate freedom.  For a moment, everyone embraces that fantasy but only for a moment.  This is also a familiar part of who we are, feeling the pull of adventure and new horizons while enjoying and thriving in the secure emotional bonds that make a home for us here in this life.

We all sit for a while breathing, feeling, remembering, acknowledging.  In the end, we all agree that we don’t want to live or love halfway.  We aren’t going to run away, as attractive as that option is sometimes.  With a deep, collective breath, we accept our fate, our future of high highs and low lows.  This is who we are.

The bigs pull the littles in closer and we make the conscious, collective choice to remain open to all of it:  love, joy, heartache, history, change, hope, the future.

This is who we are.

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