Help Choose the Next Story

I have  a couple of story ideas rumbling around in my head and I’m not sure which one to work on next.  Which one do you want to see finished first?

I saw him immediately, facing away from me, intently watching a scene underway on the spanking bench.  I came up behind him, nodding to those who waved at me, not wanting to alert him of my presence.  I ran my hand up his neck until my fingers were lightly grasping his hair, he turned, brow furrowed, ready to protest, when he realized who it was.  The frown turned into a shy smile and he leaned back into my hand.  I reached around his waist and pulled him up against me.

“Bet you wish it was you bent over that bench, huh?”

His nervous laugh combined with cocky grin always got to me, “Mmmmhmmm… you know it.”

I spoke into his ear, pulling lightly on his hair, “It’s been a while, boy, how are you doing?”

The way he shuddered against me made my cock even harder, “I’m doing”, deep breath, “better now, Sir.”

“Are you busy tonight?  Waiting for someone?” I closed my teeth lightly on his ear, felt him shudder again.

“No, no, Sir, not waiting for anyone… else.”

Then there’s this one….

We were sun warmed and sleepy, cuddled together on the hammock, her head on my shoulder, our feet entangled.  Her hand lay over my heart and I imagined that her palm was catching every beat.  Pulling her hand up to my mouth, I slipped one warm finger into my mouth, tonguing it lightly.  She stirred a little, leaning into me a little more.  I slid another finger in, sucking on both and flicking the webbing between them.  She moaned and pushed her knee between my legs, straddling my thigh.

See why I’m having a hard time choosing?  Which one do you think I should breathe life into first?  Or is there a third option?  An idea you have, a story you think I could render to your satisfaction?

Do tell…

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