He Waits

The faithful knight stands firm and tall in the antechamber.  He holds still and quiet, alert to any need.  In the throne room, his sovereign, the one to whom he’s pledged his love and service, works alone.  He knows the kingdom has become difficult to rule, he knows She struggles under the weight of Her responsibilities.  He stands quietly, ears straining to hear even the smallest, softest call.

He knows only She can rule the kingdom, and he has every faith She will triumph over all challenges.  Still, he can’t help but wish She’d call on him for service, however small.  His heart, battle worn and weary, clenches with despair at the thought that She may not need him any longer.  Who is he if not Her knight?  What does the future hold if it does not include his faithful service to Her?

He cannot envision such a future and so, he waits.

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