Great post on Gender Neutral Pronouns, From Ask Matt

Matt Kaily (Tranifesto) has a feature on his blog called ‘Ask Matt’.  He is a great educator, and his answers are always thoughtful and well written.  The one I’m referring to answers a question by a sophomore in high school who identifies as genderqueer and prefers to go by gender neutral pronouns (Gender Neutral Pronouns Presenting a Problem).

In his response, Kaily acknowledges that gender neutral pronouns are hard to work with and become accustomed to — even if you’re trans*, genderqueer or an ally for the community.  Because of that he suggests some patience, but also firmness of resolve.  He suggests working one-on-one with people, explaining the importance of respecting pronoun choice.

Gender neutral pronouns are challenging, I’m not perfect at them even though I’ve been working on this for a while.  I have been selectively stating a preference for they/them pronouns and I have some friends who also prefer them.  I still mess up sometimes.  Point being, it’s a challenge, but something I have taken on out of respect for others.



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