Conversations with the Voice in My Head: Judgement

me:  the more I think about it, the less I believe there will be a Judgement Day with some wise and timeless outside entity giving us a pass/fail on our lives.

voice (barely looking up from the Funny Times):  mmmm?

me: I mean wouldn’t it be more appropriate for us to judge ourselves?  Who else could do it as well?

voice: mmhmm… (still reading)

me: Imagine that we’ve entered that long reboot and we’re flipping through our life history, especially the ways we interacted with and effected other people, but also how we impacted the environment, the future of the planet, etc., and we’re keeping score on the times we got it right and the times we did not.

voice (confident):  yeah, piece of cake.

me (raised eyebrows): ohrilly?  (flashes some images at voice)

voice: gulp!

me:  exactly.  We gotta start thinking about how we’re gonna make that review as enjoyable as possible.

voice: but if we’re the ones judging ourself, how bad can it be?

me (flashing some more images)

voice: oh, shit, yeahhh, we’ve got some work to do.

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