Conversation with the Voice in my Head

Kyle… Kyle… hey, dude, you there?

An insistent voice finally broke through my reverie.

“Um… yeah, right here, what?”

Just checking in, you seem pretty spaced out today, what’s going on?

Taking a deep breath of crisp autumn air, I took a moment to sort through my thoughts.

“I’m just thinking, you know… ”

Yeah, about…?

I look around, “Where are you?  Hold on, are you talking from inside my head?”

Yes, I am.  Does that mean you’re not going to answer my question?

Pause.  “I’m thinking about the usual:  life, love and sex.  Plus ambition, drive, energy flow. A few side trips to poly, communication, balancing the needs of many with the needs of the one.”

Heavy dude.

“Yeah, I need to write a blog post about new stuff going on.. new projects, new people.  Just trying to find the right way, keeping the balance, ya know?”

You’ve been blowing up your reader, man, and you’re gonna post more?

“Yep, I am.  I was quiet all summer, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”


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