Ask Kyle… Anything

I’m working on a couple of posts to update you on Kyle-happenings but it occurred to me some of you may have questions you’d love to ask that I may never get around to answering…

Unless you ask me, that is.  So here’s your chance, ask me anything.  If I can’t answer for whatever reason, I’ll let you know, otherwise, I’ll do my best to answer you.

Got a question about my identity (choose from any of the following:  butch, genderqueer, bi-gender, transgender, *)?

Has some past post planted a question in your mind?

Want my opinion on something?  Got a ‘Dear Uncle Kyle’ question? (I do have a reader who sends me those occasionally).

Curious about something with regard to BDSM, kink, my approach to D/s?

Want to talk about writing — motivations, methods, hooks, inspirations?

Whatever you’re curious about, I want to hear it.  And yes, that leaves me wide open to potential trolling, but I’ve been around the internet for a while, I can handle that.

You can leave questions here, in the comments, or email me — Kyle at Butchtastic dot net.

Who’s going to be first?

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