Ask Kyle Anything: Answers to Your Questions, Part 1

Ask Kyle… Anything

I’ve accumulated a few questions, so here are a couple of answers.  I’m hoping this will inspire more questions.  And, yes, you can answer more than one.

CoyoteToo asks:  “If you think someone is interesting, what kinds of things do you like to do to casually flirt?

If I’m interested in someone, they get a lot of my focused attention.  This works online or off.  Offline, it means a lot of eye contact.  I lean closer to make sure I can hear what they’re saying (whether it’s a crowded location or not), making sure they know they are the center of my attention.  I pay attention to what they’re saying, how they’re saying it, so I can say intelligent, witty, engaging things back.  I want to get them to laugh, and I don’t mind being the target of that laughter, so I’ll use self-deprecating humor if nothing else is available.  I’ll say something about what they’re wearing, what they’re drinking, ask their advice on what’s good in the buffet line… there are tons of conversation starting points if you’re looking for them.  I’ll do my best to be sitting right next to them.  If things are going well, I’ll use touch as well, as much as they are open to:  touch their forearm when I’m making a point, palm on thigh (close to the knee to start with, higher up if it’s welcomed).  I’m always looking for similar signals from the other person to see if the attraction is mutual.  Now, you asked about casual flirting, and the physical interaction can still be a part of casual flirting, but I wouldn’t probably do that unless I wanted it to get more serious.

At this point it would be wrong of me not to point out that I am horrible at picking up any but the most obvious initial flirt signals from others.  So to get to the point where I’m doing the stuff above, I need to a) have gotten some indication of interest from the other person, or b) be feeling really confident that day/night.

Jonathan asks:  “I’m no good at questions. I prefer people just to tell me stuff

OK, Jonathan, here’s something you probably didn’t know about me (and quite possibly didn’t want to know, but that’s what you get when you let me choose).  Though I pack every day, I don’t pack 24/7.  I usually do not sleep with my packy.  I also do not play soccer or (usually) pack while biking.  

Thank you, CoyoteToo and Jonathan for playing, if you have more questions, please send them to me.  My remaining questions center around my relationship with Roxy and I’ll address them in an upcoming post.

Until then… send me more questions!  Come on, help a blogger out!


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